1. 10 Festive Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers With A Coffee Machine

    10 Festive Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers With A Coffee Machine

    With Christmas coming up, it’s time to start your festive shopping. Choosing the right gift doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead of focusing on the “perfect” present, an idea would be to start from what your recipient likes, then think of how your gift can add to that. If you have a coffee lover in mind who can’t get enough of coffee, here are 10 festive gift ideas for coffee lovers with a coffee machine that you can use to put a smile on their faces this Christmas. We’ve arranged our list in ascending order in terms of price. Get ready to spread a merry cheer, but with coffee!

    1. Whole Beans from JJ Royal Coffee

    [caption id="attachment_20507" align="alignnone" width="1024"]pouring water into drip coffee Toraja Coffee is JJ Royal Coffee’s best-selling beans. Bold and full-bodied, Toraja coffee packs a punch of dark cocoa nibs and caramel notes with hints of muted grapefruit. Photo from JJ Coffee Royal.[/caption] Part of the joy of brewing homemade coffee is getting to try out different types of coffee beans. Our partner roaster, JJ Royal Coffee, sources high-quality coffee beans from all over Indonesia. They offer many exciting single-origin beans, starting from SGD 11.50 a pack. Grab your friend or loved one a bag (or more) to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Shop all Roasted Coffee Beans from JJ Royal Coffee beans today.
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  2. 3 Great Reasons to Support Your Local Coffee Shop

    3 Great Reasons to Support Your Local Coffee Shop

    Do you have a favourite local independent coffee shop? Perhaps it’s located near to where you live, close to your office, or handily placed near the school where you drop off your kids each morning.

    You might use it as a quick early pitstop or treat it as a remote workspace for a leisurely afternoon session on your laptop. Some local coffee shops are so popular they attract customers miles out of their way to indulge in their quality brew.

    As independent businesses, the local coffee shop doesn’t enjoy the large financial safety net of the big chains. These small operators can’t spend big amounts of money on advertising or marketing, so they tend to rely on word of mouth to attract new customers. With that in mind – and as fellow fans of the coffee bean – we think they deserve some special attention.

    So let’s look at 3 great reasons why you should support your local coffee shop….

    1. They make great coffee!

    baristas serving coffee to customers over the counter
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  3. Brew Smarter and Better with these 5 Coffee Mobile Apps

    Brew Smarter and Better with these 5 Coffee Mobile Apps

    Technology and coffee go hand in hand; throughout the years, we’ve seen amazing innovations in the art of making coffee, so it’s natural that we now have apps to aid in that process.

    From apps that allow you to remotely control your coffee machine to the ones set up for instant pick-ups at your favourite cafes, here are our top favourites for apps that will make loving coffee so much easier.


    the KoHi coffee mobile app
    Brewing is a science, and the makers of KoHi know that. Photo from KoHi Lab
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  4. What Makes a Perfect Cup of Coffee?

    What Makes a Perfect Cup of Coffee?

    How hard can it be to make a cup of coffee? Just pour hot water over coffee powder, right?

    Well sure, you can do that… but there’s so much more to making that cup of perfection. With the right coffee beans and simple equipment, your daily cuppa is instantly elevated. Trust us – it’s worth putting in that extra 5 or so minutes for a fresh brew.

    Here are the basics of coffee chemistry that will make you an expert in home brewing. This might just be the start of your home barista adventure.

    Use Fresh Coffee Beans

    two portafilters, each filled with coffee beans and coffee grounds
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  5. From Dark to Light: The Serious Coffee Lovers’ Guide to Coffee Roasts

    From Dark to Light: The Serious Coffee Lovers’ Guide to Coffee Roasts

    These days, light roast coffee is experiencing a surge in popularity. So what’s changed in the coffee-drinking world? Well, a lot, but let’s begin with the different shades of coffee roasts. There is a real distinction between light, medium and dark roast coffee, and we’re talking about more than just the colour of the coffee beans when they are removed from the roaster. We sat down (over coffee, of course,) with some of the most passionate coffee connoisseurs to shed some light on everything you need to know about coffee bean roasts. Hint: The difference lies in the taste too, not just the amount of caffeine kick.

    Light Roast Coffee

    [caption id="attachment_7126" align="alignnone" width="2560"]coffee beans placed on a table Light roast, easily identified by its light brown colour, gives off a more pronounced acidic flavour while retaining the origin of the coffee bean. Photo from Hal Gatewood[/caption] Let’s start with the lighter side of the spectrum. Have you ever had a cup of coffee that was so bitter, it took a while to finish it? If you find yourself enjoying coffee with a sweeter, more tangy taste, light roast coffee is your go-to order. Read more: Why Does My Coffee Taste Bitter and How Do I Fix It? When coffee cherries are picked, the beans are soft, green in colour and tasteless before they are roasted to bring out the aroma and flavour that we have come to know and love. Light roast coffee beans are roasted between 175-200°C to either just before or right at the first crack. Word has it that coffee roasters in the 80s realised when high-quality beans ar
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  6. Kenyan Coffee: The Unsung Beauty of Coffee

    Kenyan Coffee: The Unsung Beauty of Coffee

    A product of Kenya’s once lush and elusive coffee farms elevated 2000m above sea level, the Kenyan coffee is often lauded as one of the best coffees in the world. The bean is loved for its distinctive taste that gives off wafts of fresh, floral aroma and its notes of bergamot, berries and lemongrass upon tasting. Why then, with its quality and complex flavour, is the elusive Kenyan coffee not more popular or known?

    Kenyan Coffee: Origins

    [caption id="attachment_6903" align="alignnone" width="2000"]a person lifting a teaspoon from a cup of coffee Kenyan Coffee, while medium-bodied, lingers on the palate with its juicy and rich flavour. Photo from Louis Hansel[/caption] The Kenyan Coffee originates from the red volcanic soil on plateaus to the north and east of Nairobi. Mainly a crop grown by smaller farms and cooperatives as well as within the confines of larger estates, it yields only 2 million bags a year. In comparison to its 50 - 500 trees, a common South American coffee farm boasts 5,000 - 10,000 trees. The best Kenyan coffee can be found within their very own local coffee roasters, who roast the beans fresh daily. More commonly, however, brands such as Starbucks and Amazon offer pre-roasted packs in stores and online. However, after roasting, the flavour diminishes the longer it is stored and when tasted, simply does not do it justice to the bean’s potential.

    Poor Marketing

    To examine why the Kenyan coffee goes unappreciated, it boils down to bad, if not a lack thereof, marketing. Instead of marketing to the global audience, the coffee undergoes a cooperative system of marketing. Auctions are held each Tuesday of the harvesting season and buyers engage in intense price wars. On top of all tha
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