Professional Coffee Machines For Singapore Homes & Offices

Coffee is the one beverage in the world that brings us together like no other. Choose from our wide range of residential and commercial coffee machines based on your lifestyle to make your favourite barista-quality coffee. We have basic and professional coffee machines for the home and office setting, so you have the option of either having a cuppa fresh from coffee beans with just one touch of a button or a more involved cup from a barista coffee machine that’s oh-so-easy to use too. 

Browse our coffee makers and find an ideal addition to your home appliances.

  Fully Automatic Coffee Machines  

From the bean to the cup, releasing all the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee with just one touch. Possibility to customise all the functions to have always the best espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato at home or the office.

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  1. delonghi magnifica S fully automated coffee machine thumbnail
    Magnifica S


    SGD 899.00
  2. delonghi fully automated coffee machine magnifica s smart ecam.250.33.tb front view
    Magnifica S Smart


    SGD 899.00
  3. Delonghi Dinamica facm ecam350.15.s fully automatic coffee machine thumbnail
    Dinamica Black


    SGD 1,049.00
    Out of stock
  4. delonghi magnifica s cappuccino ecam23.460.s fully automated coffee machine thumbnail
    Magnifica S Cappuccino


    SGD 1,499.00
    Out of stock
  5. delonghi autentica cappuccino fully automated coffee machine thumbnail
    Autentica Cappuccino


    SGD 1,599.00
  6. delonghi facm fully automated coffee machine ecam350.75.s thumbnail
    Dinamica Silver


    SGD 1,599.00
  7. Delonghi Dinamica plus facm ecam370.95.t fully automatic coffee machine thumbnail
    Dinamica Plus


    SGD 1,999.00
  8. delonghi primadonna s evo ecam510.55.m fully automated coffee machine thumbnail
    PrimaDonna S Evo


    SGD 2,599.00
    Out of stock

  Pump Espresso Coffee Machines  

Let the inner barista brewing inside you flow... See how easy it is to make the best authentic espresso and cappuccino at home with a De’Longhi pump espresso coffee machine.

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  1. Active Line
    Active Line


    SGD 249.00
    Out of stock
  2. Dedica Metal
    Dedica Metal


    SGD 449.00
  3. Dedica Red
    Dedica Red


    SGD 449.00
  4. Dedica White
    Dedica White


    SGD 449.00
  5. delonghi pump espresso machine la specialista ec9335.m
    La Specialista


    SGD 1,199.00

  Drip Coffee Machines  

Enjoy the subtle flavor and rich aroma of drip coffee at home with a coffee machine from De’Longhi. With complete frontal access and digital control, our drip coffee machines make it easy to brew delicious coffee without any need to move the unit.

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  1. Active Line
    Active Line


    SGD 59.00

  Coffee Bean Grinders  

As the perfect accompaniment to your De’Longhi machine, our coffee grinders use up-to-date technology to give you more freedom over the grind and aroma of your coffee. As you grind as much as you need, each beverage you make is as fresh as the first — whether you’re brewing espresso or making a latte.

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  1. Burr Coffee Grinder
    Burr Coffee Grinder


    SGD 89.00

  Coffee Services  

Easy home maintenance at your fingertips - you don’t need to go a day without your cup of coffee even if you need a helping hand at your machine.

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  Milk Frothers  

Create rich and delicate froth in seconds with a De’Longhi electric milk frother. Simple to use and no hassle to clean, a milk frother makes it easy to prepare your favourite milk-based beverages in the comfort of your kitchen.

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  Coffee Machine Accessories  

If you’re making a cuppa at home or at the office, make it right with all you need. From a coffee tamper to the De’Longhi reusable ceramic cup, pick the coffee essentials for your kitchen from our selection.

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  1. Ice Tray DLSC053
    Ice Tray DLSC053


    SGD 12.90
  2. Milk Clean Solution
    Milk Clean Solution


    SGD 14.90
  3. EcoDecalk Descaler
    EcoDecalk Descaler


    SGD 16.90
  4. Coffee Pot
    Coffee Pot


    SGD 49.00
  5. Knock box DLSC059
    Knock box DLSC059


    SGD 59.00
  6. Vacuum Coffee Canister
    Vacuum Coffee Canister


    SGD 79.00

Frequently Asked Questions About Home and Office Coffee Machine 


Which is the best home coffee maker machine if I have time to make a cup?

For the hands-on coffee connoisseur, we recommend a pump espresso coffee machine for barista-quality goodness every time.

What’s a good coffee machine for my Singapore office that’ll get the job done quickly?

If you need a luxurious cuppa at your convenience, indulge in specialty coffee at a touch of a button. You can’t go past our single-touch fully automatic coffee machines - you don’t always need a barista for a professional-tasting cup. 

Is there a coffee maker I can leave to percolate while I complete other tasks?

Our drip coffee makers are set-and-forget. Simply put the coffee and water in and let it do the rest. Set it to turn on at a certain time too so it’s all ready when you need a cup.