De'Longhi Coffee Accessories in Singapore

To make a quality cup of java, it’s important to have the right tools to get the job done. Fortunately, De’Longhi Singapore offers a wide range of coffee machine accessories so you can find all you need to prepare professional barista-tasting cups in your own home or at the office!

Our huge selection of coffee accessories for our Singapore customers includes double walled ceramic and glass coffee cups and mugs, limited-edition reusable STTOKE cups as well as barista-quality tampers, coffee knock boxes, coffee pots, portafilters, milk frothing jug, descalers, cleaning solutions and more. 

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Portafilters, knock boxes and coffee tampers 

If you’re using a portafilter for your pump espresso machine and would like another to add to your cafe arsenal, we’ve got the right one to suit. To unleash your inner barista, consider getting yourself a coffee tamper too, which will deliver a more distinctive and better flavour profile due to the compression of the grounds.

When the compression makes it a little tricky to get the used grounds out of the portafilter, we have the knock box for coffee to take care of that with absolute ease.

Double walled glass coffee cups and ceramic mugs

Often, when indulging in your cup of freshly poured java, you would want to take your time to sip and take in the aroma at the optimal temperature. With De’Longhi double walled glasses, you can be assured that your cuppa is kept at the right temperature while you enjoy it without feeling the heat element on your hands. If you’re planning on sipping while you travel to or from work, an espresso cup with an open top might not be the best idea, but one of our limited-edition STTOKE cup - a reusable ceramic coffee mug -  with double walls will keep your hands from getting too toasty on your trip.

Stainless steel milk frothing pitchers, descalers & so much more

Other coffee accessories available on De’Longhi include stainless steel milk frothing pitchers, coffee canisters and descalers - to name a few! Now, you can get everything you need to create quality coffee without ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office again.

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