Coffee Bean Subscription Services To Try

Always running out of coffee? No time to drop by the grocer? With the influx of e-commerce services, subscription-based services have been gaining popularity lately. Coffee bean subscriptions are not lagging far behind. If you are interested in meshing up stress-free convenience with savings, here is our list of artisanal coffee bean subscription services in Singapore and Malaysia.

Perk Coffee, Singapore

[caption id="attachment_6729" align="alignnone" width="1500"]coffee bean packets from Perk Coffee Perk Coffee sources a majority of their beans from developing regions in Africa and South America. Photo from Perk Coffee[/caption] It all started when couple Paul and Serena met and fell in love with coffee plantations in Africa. Paul has been a farmer for years and ensures that Perk’s coffee beans are of specialty grade, 100% Arabica, ethically and ethnically grown, sourced and roasted. Perk’s coffee gravitates towards a fruity and nutty flavour. Featuring an ever-changing seasonal menu, you can choose from a selection of single origin or blends, and darker roasts if you prefer a stronger brew. Roasting locally every Tuesday, Perk adheres to a strict roast-to-order model and delivers within 48 hours to ensure that your coffee reaches you at optimal freshness. Subscribers have the option to select how they would like their beans done - whole bean, ground, in drip bags or pods. For SGD17.90 per 250g pack or SGD18.90 for two 125g packs, you
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