Brew Smarter and Better with these 5 Coffee Mobile Apps

Technology and coffee go hand in hand; throughout the years, we’ve seen amazing innovations in the art of making coffee, so it’s natural that we now have apps to aid in that process.

From apps that allow you to remotely control your coffee machine to the ones set up for instant pick-ups at your favourite cafes, here are our top favourites for apps that will make loving coffee so much easier.


the KoHi coffee mobile app
Brewing is a science, and the makers of KoHi know that. Photo from KoHi Labs

One of the best-reviewed apps for brewing coffee, KoHi is a brewing timer, calculator and recipe manager that’s loved by serious coffee lovers. Choose which type of pour-over method you’re using (from chemex, french press, aeropress, they’ve got it all) and it will work out how much water you need, and how to achieve the best cup of coffee.

No more guessing your beans-to-water ratio – the app will get it precisely right for you every time.

New to making coffee? Here’s how to make a perfect brew using these popular coffee gadgets. 

DrinkRage (Malaysia)

4 men standing behind a coffee counter
Need a quick fix but hate queuing? DrinkRage lets you make your order online, and pick-up at the cafe without having to wait (or enjoy having it delivered straight to you). Photo from @viewsofdira via Instagram

DrinkRage, named after the cafe RAGE, which stands for Roast, Arabica, Grind, Espresso, is a coffee app that allows users to order a drink, pick it up from the cafe or have it delivered straight to you.

RAGE outlets can be found all over Kuala Lumpur, with a wide range of coffee drinks including long black, matcha latte, flat white and chai latte. You can also get milkshakes or teas from the DrinkRage app.

UP Coffee

The UP Coffee mobile app
If you’re curious to see how much coffee you’ve been drinking lately, UP Coffee will tell you the exact details. Photo from Sprudge

Ever wondered how much coffee is too much coffee? There’s an app for that. UP Coffee, created by health and tech expert Jawbone, collects data to let you know how many cups of coffee you’ve had, and when your last cup should be before you head to bed.

This is particularly useful for those of us who lose track of the many cups of coffee we have each day and looking to curb, or at least have more insight on your total caffeine intake.

Coffee Break (Singapore)

Coffee Break isn’t going to make you a better barista, but it will satisfy your caffeine cravings. For those of us who need a cup every morning (and realise it’s going to cost an arm and a leg to keep this habit going), you’ll be happy to know that a cup of coffee from selected Coffee Break partners start from just SGD 3.60.

Better still, these cafes can be found in various parts of Singapore, and the list includes Park Bench Deli, The Lokal and The Assembly Ground (as of February 2020).

For a full list of undiscovered cafes in Singapore and Malaysia, read on.

De’Longhi CoffeeLink App

Imagine being able to control your coffee machine remotely. The De’Longhi Coffee Link app allows you to create your own recipes within the app, and have it created by the PrimaDonna Elite. Customise general settings of your machine via the app, from size to strength, aroma and milk, and get access to step-by-step how-to videos.

The PrimaDonna Elite may already be a smart machine, but the app makes it even better…all via Bluetooth.

For the full demonstration of the app, watch the video below:

Smart Brewing: The PrimaDonna Elite

Don’t just stop at getting a smartphone…get a smart fully automatic coffee machine that removes all the guessing work from making your daily cup of coffee.

The PrimaDonna Elite coffee machine
The PrimaDonna Elite: A smart coffee machine that trumps all. Photo from De’Longhi

The Prima Donna Elite is the machine to beat; it promises professional-quality drinks from an extensive drink recipe menu, boasts peak freshness from its bean-to-cup capabilities, as well as an extremely user-friendly experience that comes with an app to boot.

Shop here for the Prima Donna Elite.