1. Coffee and Keto Diet: 8 Easy Hacks

    Coffee and Keto Diet: 8 Easy Hacks

    Being on a ketogenic diet doesn’t mean having to give up coffee. By making careful choices on what you add into your coffee, you can continue enjoying your daily brew while keeping to your low-carb, high-fat keto diet.

    The biggest tip for coffee lovers on a keto diet is to avoid high-carb additions such regular milk, sweetened creamers, sugar, honey, and standard flavouring syrups.

    If it sounds like all is lost, don’t worry! Here are eight easy ways to prepare keto-friendly coffee.

    Drink it Black

    a cup of black coffee
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  2. Debunking the Common Myths About Coffee

    Debunking the Common Myths About Coffee

    How much do you really know about your favourite beverage? There are many myths that surround coffee and you’ll be surprised to know that what you may believe as ‘truths’ may well be just ‘fake news’. Here are five common myths about coffee and the truths behind them.

    Coffee is Dehydrating

    coffee splashing out of a mug
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  3. 6 Simple Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

    6 Simple Ways to Make Your Coffee Healthier

    There is no surprise why coffee is fast becoming one of the most popular beverages around the world. But have you ever wondered — how healthy is coffee? For avid coffee lovers, you’ll be pleased to know that coffee consumption and health are closely linked.

    In fact, one cup of coffee per day can make you a better athlete. Moreover, studies have shown coffee to be associated with lowering the risks of several types of cancers, and even neurodegenerative conditions like dementia or Parkinson’s.

    We’ve rounded up 6 easy ways to make your next coffee drinking experience a healthier one.

    Avoid Artificial Creamer or Sweeteners

    pouring milk into a cup of coffee
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