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  1. Arabica Coffee: The World’s Most Popular Coffee Bean

    Arabica Coffee: The World’s Most Popular Coffee Bean

    Perk up, coffee fans. It's National Coffee Day on 1st October every year and there's no better way to celebrate this caffeinated day other than learning more about the world's most popular coffee bean, the Arabica. Arabica plants are considered to produce some of the world’s finest coffee beans and contribute to approximately 60% of global coffee production - the highest amongst other coffee varieties. But what is Arabica coffee, and why is everyone in love with it? In this article, learn more about the history of this bean and how to enjoy it like a pro.

    How the Arabica Was Discovered

    Known as the “Adam and Eve” of coffee, the discovery of the Arabica coffee bean dates back to about 1,000 BC in the highlands of the Kingdom of Kefa, known as Ethiopia in present day. It is said that native tribes used to crush the beans, mix it with fat, shape it into balls and consume it as an energy booster. It was not until the 7th century when the bean made its way to Yemen and lower Arabia. It was then that the bean got its name “Coffea Arabica”. In Yemen, Arab scholars discovered that making coffee from roasted Arabica beans helped them to stay awake while studying. Soon after, this magical stimulant called coffee spread among the Egyptians and Turks, and subsequently, the rest of the world. Learn about coffee and its beans from around the world.

    Where and How It Is Grown

    [caption id="attachment_10006" align="alignnone" width="2560"]Tall coffee trees in a forest Arabica trees thrive in high altitudes and can withstand colder climates. Photo from
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  2. The Coffee Taste Profiles of Asia

    The Coffee Taste Profiles of Asia

    Asia is a treasure trove of diverse cultures, traditions, architecture, food, and more. In recent decades, the coffee scene in Asia has blossomed, with many countries moving into the “third wave” of coffee.

    In this article, find out which Asian countries have begun to show a change in their coffee taste profiles and which have remained unfazed by the influx of international coffee chains and the speciality coffee scene.


    a cup of green tea latte with coffee art
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  3. The New Maestosa Machine: Power, Precision and Perfection Meet Coffee

    The New Maestosa Machine: Power, Precision and Perfection Meet Coffee

    Whether you feel like having a delectable espresso or a velvety cappuccino, the Maestosa Machine has been designed to make it all about your coffee. But what makes it a true Italian masterpiece? Read on for the secret to the excellence of this fully automatic coffee machine. Find out what you will get with your Maestosa Machine:

    Two Separate Bean Containers

    [caption id="attachment_8659" align="alignnone" width="2000"]Pouring coffee beans into two separate bean hoppers of the De'Longhi Maestosa Coffee Machine With the Maestosa Machine’s dual bean containers, you can enjoy the flexibility of having two different types of coffee beans.[/caption] Does your family have different preferences in coffee beans? Problem solved. The Maestosa comes with two bean containers so you can fill up your machine with different beans. Moreover, an electronic bean sensor will remind you before your beans run out so you won’t have to go a day without your favourite cup of coffee. Need a constant supply of coffee beans? Here’s a list of coffee subscriptions to ease your worries.

    Adaptive Grinding Technology

    [caption id="attachment_8662" align="alignnone" width="2000"]a top view of the De'Longhi Maestosa Coffee Machine and its bean hoppers The Maestosa Machine’s smart technology provides fuss-free convenience to the coffee-making process.[/caption] Coffee grinding is a science but the Maestosa’
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  4. Which Type of Coffee Maker Is Best for Me?

    Which Type of Coffee Maker Is Best for Me?

    Choosing which coffee maker to buy is not a walk in the park. There are countless coffee makers available in retail stores and online, that we sometimes stumble and ask ourselves, “which should I buy?” Whether you are a coffee aficionado that needs a good cup of coffee even when on a hike, or a corporate individual that runs on caffeine adrenaline, this guide will help you find the best coffee maker for your needs.

    A Cup That Packs a Caffeine Punch

    [caption id="attachment_9741" align="alignnone" width="1920"]a top view of a french press filled with coffee A cup of coffee made with the French Press contains 80-100 milligrams of caffeine; the highest amongst common coffee makers. Photo from sawangthongdee.[/caption] If you prefer a jitter-inducing cup of coffee every morning, a French Press does that job best. Due to the constant infusion of coffee grounds in hot water, this coffee maker produces the highest caffeine content amongst others. Find out how your brewing method affects caffeine extraction here. Moreover, if brewed correctly, you will get to enjoy the full flavours out of your coffee grounds as its flavour notes and oils are released completely into the brew.

    If You Are Always on the Move

    [caption id="attachment_9742" align="alignnone" width="2048"]an aeropress and portable coffee grinder held in a hand
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  5. How to Make a Cold Brew at Home

    How to Make a Cold Brew at Home

    On a sweltering hot day, there are some things we can’t get enough of. Like a cold, cold brew. Note: It’s not the same as regular iced coffee, which we’ll explain later on.

    The thing about ordering a cold brew from a coffee joint is its price as it can easily set you back by SGD8 / MYR24. With our easy-to-follow cold brew recipe, you can make a refreshing cold brew that might taste even better than your favourite cafe’s. All you need are coffee grounds and water. The only hard part of it? It takes patience… lots of it.

    Why cold brew, not iced coffee?

    a glass of iced coffee
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