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Choosing a De’Longhi product is your first step into the world of coffee experience and exploration, and you’ll be glad to know that we will always be here for you. We don’t stop caring about our machines once they are yours.

When you register your product, it helps us to curate tailored content to keep your product in its best condition and allow us to serve you and your machine when you need help.

Service and support from the people who know your product best.

We love our products - we know you’ll love them too. Receive tips and tricks for your machine and learn how to keep your products in their best condition, just like when you first got them. Here’s what we have curated for you when your register your product with us.


Product Knowledge

Useful content, insider tips, and services dedicated to coffee machine owners.

Live Support

Get help and advice from our product experts even when your warranty is over.

Workshop & Classes

Learning about coffee is a personal journey that we’ll like to help you.

Maintenance Reminders

So you’ll never forget when it’s time for a quick check-up.

Warranty Coverage

Our products are designed to last, but if something goes wrong, we’re always here for you.

Ease of Servicing

If something is not working the way it should, we’ll know how to fix it for you.