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  1. A Guide to Vietnamese Coffee and How to Make It

    A Guide to Vietnamese Coffee and How to Make It

    Vietnam, more widely known for its strong and flavourful local coffee, is the world’s second-largest producer of coffee and top producer of the Robusta bean. The Southeast Asian country’s hilly landscapes and cooler climate make it the perfect location for coffee plantations. The next time you travel to Vietnam, walk down the streets of Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh and be welcomed by the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.

    The Beginnings

    In 1857, the French introduced coffee to the locals and soon after, the country was filled with coffee plantations as it was a lucrative industry that boosted the economy. When the Vietnam war came along, locals migrated, leaving behind their plantations. It was not until 1986 when private enterprises were given licenses to resume coffee production.

    How It Became a Coffee Production Giant

    [caption id="attachment_8610" align="alignnone" width="2560"]a back shot of people sitting along the window in a cafe in London Drinking coffee in London? The beans might be from Vietnam as it exports coffee beans all over the world. Photo from Christian Battaglia.[/caption] Coffee farmers initially relied heavily on the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides to increase yields. However, with more worldwide regulations set in place, most farmers are now moving towards organic practices, producing more sustainable coffee. Learn more about this coffee roaster in Malaysia tha
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  2. How To Make Non-Dairy Milk at Home

    How To Make Non-Dairy Milk at Home

    Searching for a dairy-alternative for your coffee or breakfast cereal? You’ve come to the right place. Using only natural ingredients, you can now indulge in these non-dairy milk guilt-free.

    If you are wondering which milk alternatives are suited for your coffee or food allergies, here’s a comprehensive guide to get you started.

    Oat Milk

    a measuring spoon placed atop steel cut oats
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  3. Our 2020 List of Coffee Subscriptions from Singapore and Malaysia

    Our 2020 List of Coffee Subscriptions from Singapore and Malaysia

    Many of us start each morning with a cup of coffee or two to fuel ourselves for a busy day ahead. But sometimes, life can get busy, giving little time to head to the supermarket to restock our coffee supply. You might want to get started on a coffee subscription service to enjoy convenience plus fresh supplies of coffee delivered to your doorstep every month. Read on for an extension of our 2019 list of coffee subscription retailers in Singapore and Malaysia.

    Nylon Coffee Roasters, Singapore

    [caption id="attachment_8493" align="alignnone" width="1080"]A bag of coffee beans from Nylon Coffee Roasters placed on a wooden table Nylon Coffee Roasters takes pride in sourcing single-origin beans from across the world and releasing new coffee bean flavours regularly. Photo from Nylon Coffee Roasters.[/caption] Nylon Coffee Roasters has earned its place as one of Singapore’s leading cafes from sourcing some of the best single-origin beans from across the world and roasting them to perfection in-house. Starting from SGD20/month, Nylon offers a filter coffee subscription that gives subscribers an opportunity to experience how varying origins and processes affect the taste of coffee. During seasonal periods, subscribers can also expect to receive exclusive seasonal blends from different origins. Subscription orders are delivered within a day of roasting so you can be a
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  4. Top 6 Useful Coffee Accessories You Need

    Top 6 Useful Coffee Accessories You Need

    With more people bringing the coffee brewing experience into their homes nowadays, there’s been an influx of coffee accessories in the market. While some of these trendy gadgets are really attractive and tempting to buy, they aren’t particularly useful nor necessary. The result? A kitchen cupboard filled with unwanted brewing equipment and accessories we never use. But there are some innovative items that have proven their worth. Here are 6 accessories that aren’t only useful for every coffee drinker, but also transform the way we enjoy our coffee.

    Airtight Coffee Bean Canister

    [caption id="attachment_8443" align="alignnone" width="934"]a coffee canister with a calendar wheel on the lid Maximise the freshness of your coffee beans with the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Canister. Photo from Coffee Gator.[/caption] A coffee bean’s greatest enemy is oxidation, moisture, heat, and light. We’ve stressed the importance of storing your coffee beans in a vacuum-sealed or airtight container to prevent them from going stale. One of our favourite airtight containers is the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Coffee Canister. Its innovative freshness valves release carbon dioxide emitted from the roasted beans while locking out oxygen from entering the container. Moreover, the calendar wheel that sits on the lid allows you to log the bean’s roasting date so that you won’t be drinking coffee that has passed its shelf life.
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  5. Why Is Your Coffee Sour and How to Prevent It

    Why Is Your Coffee Sour and How to Prevent It

    We’ve had days where our morning brew fell short of expectations. If you are struggling to figure out why your coffee is tasting sour, it could be down to a few factors.

    From the coffee bean to the water temperature and brewing technique, we list common mistakes and how to correct them so that you can get back to making a perfect brew.

    Sour vs Bitter

    There’s a difference in how coffee is produced to create a sour-tasting cup of coffee and one that is bitter. The former causes a biting sensation on your tongue whereas the latter leaves a pungent aftertaste.

    As the saying goes, “to each their own”. There isn’t a clear answer to what coffee should taste like – some like it sweeter whereas some prefer a bitter cup. In fact, a sour taste shouldn’t be thought of as a positive or negative attribute as it is sometimes perceived as a desirable characteristic of the coffee bean. But when it gets too sour, you might want to read on.

    The next time you drink coffee, use this taste wheel to help you define what your brew tastes like.

    Light Coffee Roast

    coffee beans and grounds spilling out from a cup
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