Ready to get inspired? Whichever type of coffee you prefer, we are connecting and letting you experience the best moments with our local community. Join us on a learning journey of discovering the essence of coffee.


Because we are the coffee experts.

We know what it takes to bring out the best coffee you can imagine. From the design of our coffee machines, all the way to the cup of java that you are holding – it’s all designed with you in mind.

We’re sharing everything we know.

From why we chose to design and create a certain product and why we know you will need that new coffee machine, we are sharing our knowledge and expertise so that you can discover what you need.


Giving you the best.

The world of coffee knowledge is in your hands. Discover our community of coffee lovers, baristas to the finest roasters in town whose passion is all about coffee.



Coffee Lounge Experience

Discover the world of specialty coffee with us today. Experience our coffee lounge virtually for a complete bean to cup experience - learn more about your coffee taste profile, brewing methods, coffee beans knowledge to the technology behind our machines.

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We love to share.

Our community of coffee partners are the embodiment of our love for coffee.

  • They inspire what we do.
  • They host and teach workshops, courses and masterclasses to coffee enthusiasts.
  • They use our products and gives us feedback.
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There’s always more to coffee.

Join our range of classes tailored to your coffee learning experience. Whether you are a home coffee enthusiast or an aspiring barista, we have just the right class from fundamental coffee knowledge, latte art, brewing methods to sensory courses to help you in your coffee journey.

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