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  1. Our 2021 List of Top Coffee Subscriptions in Singapore and Malaysia

    Our 2021 List of Top Coffee Subscriptions in Singapore and Malaysia

    For many of us, 2021 has meant more working from home and less going out on weekends to stay safe during the pandemic. This has often resulted in fewer trips to our favourite local coffee shops in town or near our workplaces. Thankfully for coffee lovers, more roasteries are offering subscription services that send us freshly roasted coffee beans direct to our homes. Arriving like clockwork, these deliveries enable us to continue indulging in artisanal coffees and fill our homes with the sweet aroma of delicious brews. Here’s our latest compilation of coffee subscriptions available in Singapore and Malaysia. Check out our previous lists in 2019 and 2020 for more providers to choose from. Happy brewing, and don’t forget to explore our range of De’Longhi coffee machines to do justice to the high-quality beans coming your way with barista-quality cups of coffee.

    Parchmen & Co, Singapore

    [caption id="attachment_17112" align="alignnone" width="1204"]a bag of coffee beans on the table Parchmen & Co offers an impressive range of exotic coffee beans for their subscription process. Photo from Parchmen & Co Instagram.[/caption] If you’ve been missing travelling lately, you can still explore exotic parts o
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  2. Coffee and Keto Diet: 8 Easy Hacks

    Coffee and Keto Diet: 8 Easy Hacks

    Being on a ketogenic diet doesn’t mean having to give up coffee. By making careful choices on what you add into your coffee, you can continue enjoying your daily brew while keeping to your low-carb, high-fat keto diet.

    The biggest tip for coffee lovers on a keto diet is to avoid high-carb additions such regular milk, sweetened creamers, sugar, honey, and standard flavouring syrups.

    If it sounds like all is lost, don’t worry! Here are eight easy ways to prepare keto-friendly coffee.

    Drink it Black

    a cup of black coffee
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  3. How does Pressure Affect the Intensity of Coffee?

    How does Pressure Affect the Intensity of Coffee?

    There are many factors that contribute to the quality of your coffee and pressure is a key aspect. Here’s what you should know about managing pressure to get your best brew.

    When it comes to coffee, the ‘rules’ are not set in stone. While it’s important to learn the basics, it’s always up to you to make your coffee the way you want it. But what is pressure when it comes to coffee preparation?

    In short, it’s a combination of the amount of force the water is pushed into your puck and the resistance produced by the coffee puck. The water pressure is what pulls the oils from the coffee grounds to create the desired taste profile. Together, these will determine how the coffee is extracted from the grounds and how it will eventually taste.

    It Starts with a Good Tamp

    a person holding a porta filter filled with coffee grounds
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  4. Debunking the Common Myths About Coffee

    Debunking the Common Myths About Coffee

    How much do you really know about your favourite beverage? There are many myths that surround coffee and you’ll be surprised to know that what you may believe as ‘truths’ may well be just ‘fake news’. Here are five common myths about coffee and the truths behind them.

    Coffee is Dehydrating

    coffee splashing out of a mug
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  5. Coffee Cupping: How to Taste Coffee Like a Pro

    Coffee Cupping: How to Taste Coffee Like a Pro

    In the world of coffee, no two brews taste the same. Much like wine, coffee has many different varieties and complexities. Flavour, aroma, sweetness, bitterness, acidity and finish – these are just some of the characteristics of coffee that make each cuppa unique and infinitely desirable.

    By learning how to do coffee cupping at home, you will better understand the distinctive qualities of each coffee variety. The result? You might just discover a whole new sensory experience.

    What is Coffee Cupping?

    Coffee cupping is a standard process carried out by producers, roasters and industry professionals to evaluate the quality and consistency of a coffee sample.

    When a new batch of coffee beans reaches these experts, they will do a sample roast to assess the individual characteristics of the coffee (such as acidity or body) and its distinct flavour notes.

    If you are a home brewer, all you have to do is focus on the taste categories below to excite your senses and taste coffee like a pro.

    Getting Started

    To ensure that your coffee cupping session is set up perfectly, there are a few essential gadgets you will need and things to take note of.

    Use a Reliable Kettle

    a De'Longhi gooseneck kettle
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