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  1. The Unsung Heroes of the Coffee World

    The Unsung Heroes of the Coffee World

    You drink it every day, but do you know what goes on behind the scenes in the coffee industry?

    It’s International Coffee Day on 1 October, and there’s no better time to celebrate the “silent” heroes of the coffee world who work hard to ensure the production of your favourite brew is made possible.

    Here’s a look at who’s who.

    The Coffee Farmers

    Coffee farmers are the folks responsible for the quality and consistent supply of coffee cherries. They constitute a significant part of the entire supply chain, and without their productivity and the effectiveness of their farming practices, the industry wouldn’t exist in the first place.

    The process of farming coffee requires meticulousness and careful supervision, and increasingly, farmers are turning to new technologies to support production.

    Mill Workers

    a man milling coffee under the sun
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  2. Our 2021 List of Top Coffee Subscriptions in Singapore and Malaysia

    Our 2021 List of Top Coffee Subscriptions in Singapore and Malaysia

    For many of us, 2021 has meant more working from home and less going out on weekends to stay safe during the pandemic. This has often resulted in fewer trips to our favourite local coffee shops in town or near our workplaces. Thankfully for coffee lovers, more roasteries are offering subscription services that send us freshly roasted coffee beans direct to our homes. Arriving like clockwork, these deliveries enable us to continue indulging in artisanal coffees and fill our homes with the sweet aroma of delicious brews. Here’s our latest compilation of coffee subscriptions available in Singapore and Malaysia. Check out our previous lists in 2019 and 2020 for more providers to choose from. Happy brewing, and don’t forget to explore our range of De’Longhi coffee machines to do justice to the high-quality beans coming your way with barista-quality cups of coffee.

    Parchmen & Co, Singapore

    [caption id="attachment_17112" align="alignnone" width="1204"]a bag of coffee beans on the table Parchmen & Co offers an impressive range of exotic coffee beans for their subscription process. Photo from Parchmen & Co Instagram.[/caption] If you’ve been missing travelling lately, you can still explore exotic parts o
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  3. 3 Great Reasons to Support Your Local Coffee Shop

    3 Great Reasons to Support Your Local Coffee Shop

    Do you have a favourite local independent coffee shop? Perhaps it’s located near to where you live, close to your office, or handily placed near the school where you drop off your kids each morning.

    You might use it as a quick early pitstop or treat it as a remote workspace for a leisurely afternoon session on your laptop. Some local coffee shops are so popular they attract customers miles out of their way to indulge in their quality brew.

    As independent businesses, the local coffee shop doesn’t enjoy the large financial safety net of the big chains. These small operators can’t spend big amounts of money on advertising or marketing, so they tend to rely on word of mouth to attract new customers. With that in mind – and as fellow fans of the coffee bean – we think they deserve some special attention.

    So let’s look at 3 great reasons why you should support your local coffee shop….

    1. They make great coffee!

    baristas serving coffee to customers over the counter
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  4. How to Choose the Best Bag of Coffee Beans Based on the Label

    How to Choose the Best Bag of Coffee Beans Based on the Label

    How do you normally choose your coffee beans? Do you simply rely on your roaster’s recommendations? Or do you have a go-to brand that you purchase without giving the label on the bag a second look? Get to know your coffee beans a little better next time by paying closer attention to its label—here’s how.

    The label on your bag of coffee beans not only tells the story of the beans, it also has all the information you need to decide whether or not you will like it—which is important as you usually can’t taste the contents before you buy.

    While the label can tell you everything about the beans in your bag such as origins, blend, toast notes, and certifications, the terminology can be unfamiliar and rather confusing. Picking out your coffee beans should be a fun discovery experience.

    We take some of the stress and uncertainty away by sharing 10 common things you’ll find on the label and what they mean.

    Brand Name

    various types of coffee beans placed together
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  5. Organic vs Regular Coffee Beans – Is Organic Worth the Price?

    Organic vs Regular Coffee Beans – Is Organic Worth the Price?

    The word “organic” has taken over the world by storm with most grocery stores offering organic versions of your favourite food, and the same goes with organic coffee. What’s the difference between organic and regular coffee? Does it taste different and is the heftier price tag worth it? We find out.

    What makes coffee organic?

    [caption id="attachment_8812" align="alignnone" width="2560"]soil in a coffee tamper placed on a white table For coffee to be certified organic, it must be produced under strict conditions and guidelines. Photo from Miryam León.[/caption] Coffee is one of the most widely produced and traded commodities in the world, and meeting that demand isn’t an easy task. As coffee consumption increased globally, farming methods evolved to maximise production, even if it was at the expense of human health and the environment. But over the years, things have changed as the consequences of chemical farming surfaced. Today, organic coffee is more prominent than ever, and obtaining an organic certification isn’t as simple as we think. The first step is ensuring that the coffee farm abstains from using any form of chemical pesticides, herbicides, inorganic fertilisers or additives. Then, the coffee processing plant that handles the coffee before it is packaged must have its own organic system. This includes the exporter, importer, and coffee roaster. Essentially, each player of the supply chain has to be certified organic.

    Is there a difference in taste?

    For most coffee drinkers, taste is the most important factor in deciding whether a cup of coffee is good. Here’s a surprising fact: an organic certification has little to no correlation with the taste qu
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  6. Our 2020 List of Coffee Subscriptions from Singapore and Malaysia

    Our 2020 List of Coffee Subscriptions from Singapore and Malaysia

    Many of us start each morning with a cup of coffee or two to fuel ourselves for a busy day ahead. But sometimes, life can get busy, giving little time to head to the supermarket to restock our coffee supply. You might want to get started on a coffee subscription service to enjoy convenience plus fresh supplies of coffee delivered to your doorstep every month. Read on for an extension of our 2019 list of coffee subscription retailers in Singapore and Malaysia.

    Nylon Coffee Roasters, Singapore

    [caption id="attachment_8493" align="alignnone" width="1080"]A bag of coffee beans from Nylon Coffee Roasters placed on a wooden table Nylon Coffee Roasters takes pride in sourcing single-origin beans from across the world and releasing new coffee bean flavours regularly. Photo from Nylon Coffee Roasters.[/caption] Nylon Coffee Roasters has earned its place as one of Singapore’s leading cafes from sourcing some of the best single-origin beans from across the world and roasting them to perfection in-house. Starting from SGD20/month, Nylon offers a filter coffee subscription that gives subscribers an opportunity to experience how varying origins and processes affect the taste of coffee. During seasonal periods, subscribers can also expect to receive exclusive seasonal blends from different origins. Subscription orders are delivered within a day of roasting so you can be a
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