1. 10 Festive Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers With A Coffee Machine

    10 Festive Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers With A Coffee Machine

    With Christmas coming up, it’s time to start your festive shopping. Choosing the right gift doesn’t have to be stressful. Instead of focusing on the “perfect” present, an idea would be to start from what your recipient likes, then think of how your gift can add to that. If you have a coffee lover in mind who can’t get enough of coffee, here are 10 festive gift ideas for coffee lovers with a coffee machine that you can use to put a smile on their faces this Christmas. We’ve arranged our list in ascending order in terms of price. Get ready to spread a merry cheer, but with coffee!

    1. Whole Beans from JJ Royal Coffee

    [caption id="attachment_20507" align="alignnone" width="1024"]pouring water into drip coffee Toraja Coffee is JJ Royal Coffee’s best-selling beans. Bold and full-bodied, Toraja coffee packs a punch of dark cocoa nibs and caramel notes with hints of muted grapefruit. Photo from JJ Coffee Royal.[/caption] Part of the joy of brewing homemade coffee is getting to try out different types of coffee beans. Our partner roaster, JJ Royal Coffee, sources high-quality coffee beans from all over Indonesia. They offer many exciting single-origin beans, starting from SGD 11.50 a pack. Grab your friend or loved one a bag (or more) to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Shop all Roasted Coffee Beans from JJ Royal Coffee beans today.
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  2. 6 Coffee Gadgets for New and Better Coffee Habits

    6 Coffee Gadgets for New and Better Coffee Habits

    Ring in the new year with these coffee gadgets to help you elevate your coffee experience. Whether you drink your coffee on-the-go or at home, with frothed milk or cold-brewed, here are six accessories to help you get the best out of your cuppa.

    Travel French Press

    [caption id="attachment_11211" align="alignnone" width="811"]bodum travel french press Save time in the mornings with this on-the-go French press. Photo from Bodum on Amazon.[/caption] This one’s perfect if you love French press coffee but always in a rush and have no time to make it before heading out. This travel press works just like a regular French press with added conveniences. It allows you to brew your coffee and drink from it, scoring well in terms of portability as it cuts the need to bring an extra mug. Thinking of getting a reusable coffee cup? Here are some things to consider before deciding on one. It’s easy to use too, simply add your coffee grounds, pour the hot water in, give it a stir and close the lid with the plunger up. Once it’s time, just push the plunger down and enjoy your coffee wherever you are — in the car, walking the dog or at the office. Shop for the Bodum Travel Press Coffee Maker available in stainless steel or plastic double wall, from USD37.

    Milk Frothing Thermometer

    [caption id="attachment_11202" align="alignnone" width="1542"]
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