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  1. 3 Great Reasons to Support Your Local Coffee Shop

    3 Great Reasons to Support Your Local Coffee Shop

    Do you have a favourite local independent coffee shop? Perhaps it’s located near to where you live, close to your office, or handily placed near the school where you drop off your kids each morning.

    You might use it as a quick early pitstop or treat it as a remote workspace for a leisurely afternoon session on your laptop. Some local coffee shops are so popular they attract customers miles out of their way to indulge in their quality brew.

    As independent businesses, the local coffee shop doesn’t enjoy the large financial safety net of the big chains. These small operators can’t spend big amounts of money on advertising or marketing, so they tend to rely on word of mouth to attract new customers. With that in mind – and as fellow fans of the coffee bean – we think they deserve some special attention.

    So let’s look at 3 great reasons why you should support your local coffee shop….

    1. They make great coffee!

    baristas serving coffee to customers over the counter
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  2. How to Reduce the Amount of Caffeine in Coffee?

    How to Reduce the Amount of Caffeine in Coffee?

    “But first, coffee” – does this describe your mornings? For most people, coffee is an integral part of our morning routine. However, if a high dependency on caffeine is affecting your daily activities, it is a sign that it’s time to look for a solution.

    Whether it’s for health reasons or simply a desire for a gentler caffeine experience, here’s how to continue enjoying your daily brew while reducing any unwanted side effects.

    Change Your Brewing Method

    espresso being extracted from an espresso machine
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  3. 4 Myths about Using Coffee Machines

    4 Myths about Using Coffee Machines

    Your daily caffeine fix can add up to be an expensive habit, especially if you’ve been getting yours from your favourite café. Perhaps you’ve considered getting a coffee machine at home but are still on the fence about it. We bust four common myths about owning and using a coffee machine.

    Myth 1: A Coffee Machine Is More Expensive than Buying Coffee

    [caption id="attachment_11919" align="alignnone" width="1920"]a cup of latte Your daily coffee run costs can add up before you know it. Photo from Ben Yang.[/caption] Truth: Some automatic coffee machines may come with heavy price tags but have you ever thought about how much you are really spending per year if you’ve been buying your daily coffee from a café? On average, a regular cup of coffee from your favourite joint can cost you around SGD$4.50/RM10. Multiply that by two coffees a day for every day of the year and you would have spent SGD$3,285/RM7300 on just coffee alone! If cost is a concern, you’ll be happy to know that there are options for every type of budget. More importantly, price isn’t a measure of performance and quality. On top of that, a good quality machine should last you about five to eight years. If you add up the cost of the machine (and how long it will last), coffee beans, milk (if you drink yours white), and maintenance per year, it will still be less than buying your coffee from a café daily.

    Myth 2: It Will Be Too Complicated to Operate

    [caption id="attachment_11920" align="alignnone" width="970"]a perso
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  4. 5 Coffee Desserts to Perk You Up

    5 Coffee Desserts to Perk You Up

    Coffee in desserts is a subtle yet satisfying culinary art, bringing richness without being too overwhelming. Its aromatic, slightly bitter edge elevates the flavours from a one-dimensional sweetness to a refined sophistication.

    If you enjoy your desserts with a caffeine kick, this collection of recipes from De’Longhi will be the perfect pick-me-up. Let’s dig in!

    Chocolate Coffee Mousse

    3 bowls of chocolate coffee mousse
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  5. How to Choose the Best Bag of Coffee Beans Based on the Label

    How to Choose the Best Bag of Coffee Beans Based on the Label

    How do you normally choose your coffee beans? Do you simply rely on your roaster’s recommendations? Or do you have a go-to brand that you purchase without giving the label on the bag a second look? Get to know your coffee beans a little better next time by paying closer attention to its label—here’s how.

    The label on your bag of coffee beans not only tells the story of the beans, it also has all the information you need to decide whether or not you will like it—which is important as you usually can’t taste the contents before you buy.

    While the label can tell you everything about the beans in your bag such as origins, blend, toast notes, and certifications, the terminology can be unfamiliar and rather confusing. Picking out your coffee beans should be a fun discovery experience.

    We take some of the stress and uncertainty away by sharing 10 common things you’ll find on the label and what they mean.

    Brand Name

    various types of coffee beans placed together
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