Electric & Convection Ovens for Sale in Singapore 

These small, practical but powerful electric ovens are complete with every function to make cooking easy every day for you and your family. Whether you use the oven for baking a delicious cupcake or roasting a mouth-watering piece of meat, you can cook anything to perfection and deliver a culinary masterpiece with a premium product from De’Longhi. Get results that are nothing short of exceptional!

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Functions as convection oven, rotisserie & more

There are different ways you can use these fantastic electric ovens:

  • For baking: The bake function incorporates upper and lower heating elements for a consistent roast.
  • Rotisserie oven: On selected ovens, the rotisserie spit fits up to 4 kilogrammes of meat at a time to deliver unparalleled juiciness.
  • Gratin: A sprinkle of cheese or breadcrumbs browns to perfection on any pastry, dessert or meat.
  • Defrosting: Warm up your weekly meal-prep each time you’re ready for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • Grilling: A consistent heat expelled by the upper element crisps up the top layer of any dish nice and evenly.
  • Heat convection: Oven heats up quickly with little or no pre-heating, perfect for lamb, fish, bread, roasted beef and other food that should be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.
  • Keep warm: Cook up your family’s favourites at any time of the day and leave them in the oven so they stay warm as long as needed - without overcooking.

Rest assured our premium electric ovens for sale in Singapore cater to all baking and cooking needs, and are designed for durability and longevity. Pairing functionality and usability is their distinctive Italianness, which effortlessly adds a sophisticated touch of style to your kitchen.

Baking ovens, toasters & much more in one place

Forget about having to shop for the latest electrical appliances at multiple different stores to revamp your kitchen. At De’Longhi Singapore, you can find it all! On top of our electric ovens, pick up anything from stainless steel kettles through to toaster ovens, dehumidifiers and more.

Spend $150 or above in a single order, and we’ll deliver your purchase to your door at no additional cost!

Ask us a question about our electric & convection ovens 

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