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  1. The Importance of Water in Coffee Making

    The Importance of Water in Coffee Making

    It’s pretty obvious that a cup of coffee is largely made up of water. 98%, in fact. Which means that the quality of water plays a significant role in the taste of coffee.

    For those who want to get the best cup, here are a few basic coffee water brewing principles and tips.

    pH Level

    pH is an indicator of acidity and alkalinity. A pH level of less than 7 indicates an acidic solution whereas a level of more than 8 indicates an alkaline solution.

    For coffee brewing, a higher pH level means greater extraction of flavours – but that doesn’t mean you should be using water that is on either spectrum of the pH range. According to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCAA), the recommended pH is between 6.5 and 7.5 to ensure that your cup of coffee is well-balanced.

    Soft or Hard Water

    a man standing on a water puddle with a cup of coffee in his hand
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  2. How to Make a Cold Brew at Home

    How to Make a Cold Brew at Home

    On a sweltering hot day, there are some things we can’t get enough of. Like a cold, cold brew. Note: It’s not the same as regular iced coffee, which we’ll explain later on.

    The thing about ordering a cold brew from a coffee joint is its price as it can easily set you back by SGD8 / MYR24. With our easy-to-follow cold brew recipe, you can make a refreshing cold brew that might taste even better than your favourite cafe’s. All you need are coffee grounds and water. The only hard part of it? It takes patience… lots of it.

    Why cold brew, not iced coffee?

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  3. Easy (and Fancy) Coffee Drinks You Can Make at Home

    Easy (and Fancy) Coffee Drinks You Can Make at Home

    With the latest wave of coffee drinks popping up in your nearest coffee chain and on the internet (Dalgona coffee, anyone?), there are more than just a few ways to get creative at home. It seems that anyone can be their own barista with just a few ingredients and basic kitchen tools!

    For those who crave a cafe-style brew but prefer to stay in, here are some easy and impressive coffee drinks to spice up your day at home.

    Dirty Matcha Latte

    a cup of matcha latte
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