Roasted Coffee Beans: Understanding Flavour Profiles of Your Homemade Brews

As a coffee lover, you've probably noticed that different coffees have different flavour profiles. You may have even noticed that these profiles can change depending on how the coffee is brewed. The grind size of your coffee beans, the temperature, and even the water quality play a role. Understanding the factors that contribute to a coffee's flavour profile can help you brew better-tasting coffee at home, regardless of what coffee machine you are currently using. 

Previously, we covered the best coffee beans to use for the perfect espresso, depending on your De’Longhi Dedica of choice. Today, we will explore more about how different types of roasted coffee beans can affect the flavour profiles of your homemade coffee brews. 

How Roasted Coffee Beans Can Affect Flavour Profiles

One of the most important factors that influence the flavour of your coffee is the type of beans you use when making your brew. Different coffee beans have different natural flavours, which are influenced by factors like the climate where the beans are grown and the way they are processed. Arabica coffee beans, for example, are renowned for being superior in taste and offering a smoother, sweeter mouthfeel with flavour notes of chocolate and sugar. Some Arabica beans sold in Singapore and beyond also feature hints of fruits and berries.

When roasted, coffee beans also develop new flavours from the roasting process itself, where both roasting time and temperature play a part in determining the flavours that get brought out. Light roasts tend to be more acidic and have a lighter body, while dark roasts are often more full-bodied and have less acidity.

At De’Longhi Singapore, we offer premium coffee beans that have been roasted carefully and systematically to achieve the best possible tastes and aromas. Here are some of our customer’s favourites when it comes to roasted arabica coffee beans:

Kimbo Prestige Espresso Coffee Beans

De’Longhi’s Kimbo Prestige Espresso Coffee Beans consist mainly of the best Arabica coffee beans sourced from the regions of Brazil, Columbia, and Peru. They are carefully balanced with a fine selection of Robusta beans from Asia — with a final blend of 65% Arabica beans and 35% Robusta beans — to deliver a medium body and sweetness. The aromatic experience from these roasted coffee beans gives off hints of caramel, freshly baked biscuits and dried fruits. It offers a pleasantly acidic finish with a spicy aftertaste for an indulgent sensory experience.  

Kimbo Gourmet Espresso Coffee Beans

De’Longhi’s Kimbo Gourmet Espresso Coffee Beans consists of 80% Arabica coffee beans and 20% Robusta beans, all of which are selected exquisitely from the best coffee bean suppliers along the coffee belt. A balance between sweetness and pleasant acidity is struck by mixing washed and naturally processed coffee beans, with a light roast given to the blend to preserve its unique characteristics and notes of baked bread and freshly baked biscuits. 

Kimbo Classic Espresso Coffee Beans

De’Longhi’s Kimbo Classic Espresso Coffee Beans are full-bodied, strong and full of aroma. The classic blend consists of 35% Arabica coffee beans and 65% Robusta beans from the regions of Brazil, Colombia, and India. The blend presents nuanced notes of spices and hints of chocolate and caramel, roasted to achieve a perfect aroma that is versatile and well-suited for all sorts of coffee beverages and coffee drinkers. 

Classico Whole Coffee Beans

A classic blend made from 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta coffee beans selected from the South American region, De’Longhi’s Classico Whole Coffee Beans present notes of tobacco with hints of chocolate. Full-bodied, strong and rich in aroma, this blend is a must-have for coffee connoisseurs who like to indulge in different types of coffee from day to day. 

Decaffeinato Whole Coffee Beans

Much like the Classico, De’Longhi’s first ever decaffeinated espresso coffee beans give off notes of tobacco and hints of chocolate. The caffeine in this blend is extracted using a natural CO2 method to ensure coffee lovers in Singapore have the means to enjoy a good cuppa whenever they crave one in the middle of the night, without having to worry about jitters or difficulty sleeping. 

Caffe Crema Whole Coffee Beans

The De’Longhi Caffe Crema features a 100% Arabica espresso coffee bean blend that presents a combination of sweetness and pleasant acidity. With a unique aroma evoking tastes of fruitiness and notes of sugar cane, the velvet consistency of these coffee beans creates a perfect mouthfeel while also leaving an intense aftertaste.  

Selezione Whole Coffee Beans

A blend that consists of 70% Arabica coffee beans and 30% Robusta beans, De’Longhi’s Salezione Whole Coffee Beans offer a sweet but persistent finish, with an intense aroma and notes of fruit and cocoa. A medium roast is leveraged to provide a sensory aroma experience and preserve the unique characteristics of these exotic beans sourced from Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, Congo, Java, and India. 

Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh at All Times

On a final note (pun most intended), it is crucial that you always use fresh coffee beans for your brews. Once grounded, coffee beans can start to lose their flavour, and their aroma diminishes with each passing second. That is why coffee powder or pre-ground coffee often lacks the refined taste of caffeinated beverages made from fresh coffee beans. 

At De’Longhi Singapore, we have numerous options for you to choose from when it comes to keeping your coffee beans fresh. This includes the Vacuum Sealed Coffee Beans Canister, the Manual Vacuum Sealed Coffee Canister and the Coffee Ground Canister from our collection of barista tools. Store your coffee beans with care, and as much as possible, only grind your whole beans into the desired coarseness when you start making a cup of coffee for your caffeinated boost.

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