Buy Electric Coffee Bean Grinders Online in Singapore 

The difference between a cup of java made with instant and one that’s been brewed using freshly-ground beans is night and day. Whether you’re a true coffee connoisseur or a casual drinker, you’ll be able to taste the difference. If you’ve been searching where to buy coffee grinders in Singapore, De’Longhi has the perfect solution for you. 

As the perfect accompaniment to your De’Longhi machine, our commercial coffee bean grinders use up-to-date technology to give you more freedom over the grind and aroma of your coffee. As you grind as much as you need, each beverage you make is as fresh as the first — whether you’re brewing espresso or making latte.

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The difference between blade vs burr coffee grinders

At De’Longhi, we offer a few options of home barista grinders. To make an informed purchase, here are some differences between burr vs blade coffee grinders that’s good to know:

  1. Using the correct coffee grinder can influence the outcome of your coffee. Burr grinders use moving grinding wheels that crush the beans between them, while blade models use a metal blade that chops the beans.
  2. Blade grinders are more affordable due to their simpler construction, making them an excellent option for basic use. For barista-quality consistency of each grind, the burr grinder would be ideal.
  3. The two types of burr grinders are electric conical burr grinders and wheel or flat burrs; conical burrs use cone-shaped rings with one inside another while flat ones use discs with burrs between. Both deliver high-quality, consistent grinds, although the conical machine will deliver the best results due to its design.

To summarise the coffee grinder burr vis-a-vis blade debate, if you’re after a convenient, budget-friendly coffee bean grinder machine or you are a coffee beginner, opt for the economical blade coffee grinder. For something more sophisticated, our burr coffee grinder is sure to impress. 

For a premium-quality home barista grinder that delivers consistent grinds every time, go for the electric conical burr grinder. The Dedica Conical Burr Grinder built-in stainless steel can grind fresh beans from fine to coarse to get the right powder suitable for any coffee beverage, thus ensuring accurate and consistent grind without compromising in flavour. 

Alternatively, choose among our premium fully automatic coffee machines with built-in grinders that do pretty much of all the work for you at a simple touch of a button!

Buy coffee grinders & more online

Apart from these top-quality electric coffee grinding machines, we have plenty more to help you make barista-quality cups at home or in the office! We offer a great selection of roasted coffee beans as well as milk frothers and more to complete your coffee experience. Check out our entire product range to take advantage of our free delivery of any order above $150. 

If you’d like to know more about our commercial coffee bean grinder machines, please send us an online enquiry.