Our 2021 List of Top Coffee Subscriptions in Singapore and Malaysia
For many of us, 2021 has meant more working from home and less going out on weekends to stay safe during the pandemic. This has often resulted in fewer trips to our favourite local coffee shops in town or near our workplaces. Thankfully for coffee lovers, more roasteries are offering subscription services that send us freshly roasted coffee beans direct to our homes. Arriving like clockwork, these deliveries enable us to continue indulging in artisanal coffees and fill our homes with the sweet aroma of delicious brews. Here’s our latest compilation of coffee subscriptions available in Singapore and Malaysia. Check out our previous lists in 2019 and 2020 for more providers to choose from. Happy brewing, and don’t forget to explore our range of De’Longhi coffee machines to do justice to the high-quality beans coming your way with barista-quality cups of coffee.

Parchmen & Co, Singapore

[caption id="attachment_17112" align="alignnone" width="1204"]a bag of coffee beans on the table Parchmen & Co offers an impressive range of exotic coffee beans for their subscription process. Photo from Parchmen & Co Instagram.[/caption] If you’ve been missing travelling lately, you can still explore exotic parts of the world by sipping on Parchmen & Co’s in-house roasted specialty coffees that are sourced from all over. Spanning Africa to Central America, plus some lesser-known coffee estates in Asia, Parchmen & Co’s long list of coffees invites you to explore the wonderful varieties available. We particularly love how they highlight some of Southeast Asia’s unsung specialty coffees. Available in 250g, 500g and 1kg bags, and in various grind sizes such as whole beans, espresso, moka or filter. You can have your subscription packages sent to you every seven, 15, or 30 days. With De'Longhi Rewards, enjoy 12% off specialty coffee from Parchmen & Co. Subscribe here, starting from just SGD15 for a 250g pack.

Upside Down Coffee Roaster, Singapore

[caption id="attachment_17115" align="alignnone" width="900"]bags of coffee beans on the table Serious home baristas will love Upside Down Coffee Roaster’s coffee bean offerings. Photo from Upside Down Coffee Roaster.[/caption] Upside Down Coffee Roaster is a chic coffee shop in Amoy Street, Chinatown, right beside the central business district, serving in-house roasted coffee to the office crowd. But for those who have been working from home lately or simply love roasting their own coffee, Upside Down Coffee Roaster offers a subscription programme that delivers quality coffee beans regularly to your door. Sourced from countries such as Colombia, Ethiopia, and Brazil, they’ll surprise you every time with a seasonal single origin coffee. For espresso subscriptions, choose either their Statis (tastes like peanut butter, milk chocolate, raspberry jam and “happiness”) or Rebel (tastes like cacao, toffee and marmalade) blends. Available in packs of 150g, and in whole beans or ground beans. Upside Down Coffee Roaster can send you your packages every week, fortnightly or every four weeks. De'Longhi Rewards members can enjoy 15% discount on all coffee products with a minimum spend of SGD50. Subscribe here, at SGD16 for a 150g of filter coffee or SGD18 for a 300g of espresso coffee.

Kurasu, Singapore & Malaysia

[caption id="attachment_17118" align="alignnone" width="1800"]bags of coffee beans on the table Kurasu partners with a different coffee roaster in Japan every month to bring you a wide selection of coffee beans during your subscription. Each package comes with write-ups on their stories for a more connected experience. Photo from Kurasu.[/caption] Japanese coffee ware brand Kurasu was started by Yozo Otsuki, an ex-banker who moved to Australia in 2013. Initially a homeware store providing Japanese products to Australians, he pivoted his business towards coffeeware when he noticed growing interest in Japanese coffee culture and equipment. By focusing on educating coffee lovers about the Japanese way of home brew and the craft, care, and mentality of their coffee culture, Kurasu has grown into a global business supplying products to 25 countries. Their flagship store is rated #1 coffee house on Tripadvisor for Kyoto, Japan, and they opened an outlet in Singapore in 2017. They also partnered with Good Coffee to ship coffee roasted by artisan Japanese roasters. Available in whole beans only and in various weight packs, Kurasu offers free shipping to Singapore and Malaysia. Choose between partner roasters or their in-house Kurasu roasters who will carefully select their favourite beans each month. Subscribe here, starting from SGD42 or RM131 for a monthly 200g pack.

Ra-Ft Cafe, Malaysia

[caption id="attachment_17121" align="alignnone" width="1000"]bags of coffee beans on the table Ra-Ft Cafe brings you a thoughtful subscription programme which helps you pick a tier based on how many cups of coffee you drink in a week. Photo from Ra-Ft Cafe.[/caption] This Italian themed café from Kuala Lumpur has a coffee roaster arm who source 100% Arabica beans from Colombia, El Salvador, Brazil, Indonesia, Tanzania and Guatemala. Their highly rated signature blend, “The Ra-Ft Blend”, powers over 70,000 coffees in their cafes each month. Using what they call the “the five best beans in the world” and expert roasting techniques, this blend is equally good whether you like your coffee with or without milk. Check out their monthly subscription which sends you enough coffee to last you a month, based on the number of cups you drink in a week. You’ll get to try a mix of their single origin coffee beans and house blends over your subscription period. Subscribe here, starting from RM38 for a 250g bag every month.

Special Mention: Mister Coffee, Malaysia & Singapore

[caption id="attachment_17124" align="alignnone" width="1202"]a bag of coffee beans on the table Although Mister Coffee doesn’t offer a subscription programme for now, you can buy top quality imported coffee beans from their store. Conscious coffee lovers will love their traceability coffee series which offers assurance that the coffee beans have been sustainably sourced. Photo from Mister Coffee Instagram.[/caption] Although Mister Coffee hasn’t started offering coffee subscriptions, we wanted to mention this third generation family business that is now one of the largest family-owned coffee companies in Malaysia. Mister Coffee owes their success to their ability to keep up with the latest F&B trends and developments, and to their commitment to roasting their coffee beans to the highest quality standards. A large dose of good old fashioned sincerity and integrity helps too! They select and import exceptional specialty coffee beans from different regions around the world, including Indonesia, Costa Rica, Rwanda and El Salvador. Try their single origin specialty coffees which offer a combination of complex flavours and a rich array of aromas. Select from the traceability range if you value coffee that has been sustainably and responsibly produced and sourced. Shipping to Singapore is available. Shop here, from RM39 to RM66 per 250g bag. If you’re looking for something high-end, consider their RM180 “world’s finest coffee” from the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. Join our De’Longhi rewards programme today and enjoy 15% off Mister Coffee’s products with a minimum spend of RM60.