Coffee Bean Subscription Services To Try
Always running out of coffee? No time to drop by the grocer? With the influx of e-commerce services, subscription-based services have been gaining popularity lately. Coffee bean subscriptions are not lagging far behind. If you are interested in meshing up stress-free convenience with savings, here is our list of artisanal coffee bean subscription services in Singapore and Malaysia.

Perk Coffee, Singapore

[caption id="attachment_6729" align="alignnone" width="1500"]coffee bean packets from Perk Coffee Perk Coffee sources a majority of their beans from developing regions in Africa and South America. Photo from Perk Coffee[/caption] It all started when couple Paul and Serena met and fell in love with coffee plantations in Africa. Paul has been a farmer for years and ensures that Perk’s coffee beans are of specialty grade, 100% Arabica, ethically and ethnically grown, sourced and roasted. Perk’s coffee gravitates towards a fruity and nutty flavour. Featuring an ever-changing seasonal menu, you can choose from a selection of single origin or blends, and darker roasts if you prefer a stronger brew. Roasting locally every Tuesday, Perk adheres to a strict roast-to-order model and delivers within 48 hours to ensure that your coffee reaches you at optimal freshness. Subscribers have the option to select how they would like their beans done - whole bean, ground, in drip bags or pods. For SGD17.90 per 250g pack or SGD18.90 for two 125g packs, you have flexibility on how often you would like your coffee delivered - weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly. Website:

Hook Coffee, Singapore

[caption id="attachment_6732" align="alignnone" width="1080"]chocolates, coffee beans, and raspberries, and a coffee bag from Hook Coffee laid out on a table For the sweet tooth: Hook’s coffee flavours take inspiration from your favourite fruits and desserts. Photo from Hook Coffee Instagram[/caption] The idea of Hook Coffee was conceptualised when founders Ernest and Faye saw potential in selling artisanal coffee to households in the most convenient way possible. At SGD18 for a 200g bag, try blends with flavours ranging from caramelised bananas to chocolate raspberry macarons, butterscotch cookies or Kinder Bueno. Read more: Find out how flavoured coffee is made. Understanding that not all households own coffee machines, Hook offers the option of grounded coffee and drip bags, in addition to whole beans or pods. For grounded coffee, it can be calibrated to work with various brew methods such as the Espresso machine, French press, AeroPress, Dripper and Stovetop Moka Pot. To guarantee freshness, Hook ships your coffee within 7 days of roasting. Tried and endorsed by an array of media outlets, Hook is a reliable starter for a coffee subscription newbie. Not sure about your sensory taste profile? Try their recommendation engine. It’s pretty cool. Website:

Roastedly, Singapore & Malaysia

[caption id="attachment_7852" align="alignnone" width="1080"]A variety of coffee bean packets sold by Roastedly Based on your coffee intake, decide the frequency of your subscription with Roastedly. Photo from Roastedly.[/caption] Roastedly carefully sources its beans from sustainable coffee farms all over the world and carries out a stringent cupping process before grinding the beans. Using only premium to specialty grade coffee, your brew’s consistency and vigour are definite. It’s a win-win for both Malaysians and Singaporeans because Roastedly offers free delivery across Singapore and Malaysia for purchases above SGD50. Depending on your taste preference, choose from 3 types of flavour profiles - Chocolatey, Floral, and Fruity. Can’t decide on which? The assorted selection is a perfect choice. Packed in nitrogen sealed sachets, your ground coffee is always fresh when it reaches your doorstep. Website:

Cowpresso, Singapore

[caption id="attachment_6735" align="alignnone" width="1329"]3 packets of coffee beans from Cowpresso Perfect for those that can’t decide on a coffee flavour, let Cowpresso surprise you. Photo from Cowpresso Coffee Roasters[/caption] Love surprises? If your answer is yes, you have to subscribe to Cowpresso. In addition to a standard subscription service, Cowpresso offers surprise plans for you to subscribe to. Based on the delivery frequency that you have chosen, for SGD14, Cowpresso will send you a 250g coffee bag (at a value of SGD15-20). Besides, it is a new flavour for each delivery - surprise! The team at Cowpresso is made up of artisans, baristas, coffee roasters and photojournalists - that’s how you know the coffee will be great. In addition to delivering only high-quality beans within 2 to 7 days of roasting, they offer free shipping across Singapore. Read more: Why it's important to know about your coffee bean's roasting date. Website: Surprise Plans:

Bean Shipper, Malaysia & Singapore

[caption id="attachment_6738" align="alignnone" width="1080"]a cup of black coffee placed on a cardboard box with a bag of coffee beans lying on it Bean Shipper retails various brewing equipment and accessories to complete the coffee drinking experience. Photo from Bean Shipper Instagram[/caption] Bean Shipper has been roasting beans since 2014 and is a popular roaster amongst homemakers, baristas and cafes. Although Malaysia-based, they ship internationally to countries such as Singapore, Thailand, China and Indonesia for a nominal fee. Bean Shipper allows you to customise your subscription based on your brewing method and favourite flavours. Choose your beans according to factors such as your preferred roasting points and whether you drink coffee with milk. Read more: Not a fan of dairy? Here's how to make your own dairy-free milk at home. Each shipment contains one 200g/250g bag of coffee beans and you can decide how frequent you’d want fresh roasts. With an easy to navigate website and a blog dedicated towards coffee drinking, Bean Shipper is also a great start for novice drinkers. Website:

Brewers Club, Malaysia

[caption id="attachment_6739" align="alignnone" width="1440"]two bags of coffee beans from BrewersClub Coffee By blind tasting, taste the authenticity and true blend without being influenced by its name or marketing gimmicks. Photo from Brewers Club Coffee[/caption] Brewers Club is the only retailer in this list that has a 100% subscription model - and 100% mysterious. Why so secretive? Brewers Club practices the concept of “blind tasting”, anonymously labelling each coffee bag with a QR code. After 7 days of shipment, you can then scan the code to read more about the origins and description of your coffee. There are two subscription models - the Ace of Clubs and The Wild Card. Priced from RM39 and RM45 per box respectively, expect up to three 250g bags every month. Choose from 1 or 3 mystery coffees, pick a blend or single origin, quantity and grind size. Unsure about the grind size? Here is a guide to knowing what grind size to use. Website:

Common Man Coffee Roasters (Singapore & Malaysia)

[caption id="attachment_6741" align="alignnone" width="1600"]a man dispensing roasted coffee beans from a coffee bean roaster CMCR has quality control systems to ensure consistency and outstanding quality for each batch of roast. Photo from Ken_Lecoq[/caption] A familiar name to many, Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) is an established brand that has opened various cafes and academies in Singapore and Malaysia. Although their beans are sourced internationally by a team of Green Bean Buyers, they are roasted in-house almost daily. By cultivating their coffee in special and ideal climates, CMCR is able to release flavours unique to their variety and origin. Coffee subscribers can choose from 3 different products - The Blends, Single Origin for Espresso, and Single Origin for Filter Coffee. Packed in either 250g or 1kg bags, get your endless caffeine fix from SGD16. Website: Read more: For more coffee bean subscription services, here's our extended 2020 list.

The Bean-to-Cup Experience

The coffee subscription services in this list have uniformly recommended whole beans. This is to ensure the preservation of freshness and for you to enjoy the freshest, most aromatic coffee at home. With the touch of a button, a Fully Automatic Coffee Machine (FACM) such as The PrimaDonna Elite extracts the fullest flavour possible from your beans in a matter of seconds. Being more cost-effective in the long run, it won’t take long for it to be a great return on investment. Why not consider one today?