6 Best Coffee Beans for the Perfect Espresso

If there’s one thing the pandemic hasn’t changed, it’s how we in Singapore continue to love our espressos. However, when it comes to picking the right coffee beans, many of us get a little lost with so many options available. But just like how there’s no ‘ultimate’ espresso maker, there’s also no objective way to determine what the best coffee beans for a perfect espresso would be. Instead, it’s more about really knowing your preferences when it comes to how you like your espresso coffee, and having all your favourite things come together with the right choice of coffee beans or coffee bean grounds.

So, you’ve got your espresso coffee machine from De’Longhi ready, and you’re itching to get your hands powdered in coffee bean grounds as you attempt to make the most perfect cup of espresso that has ever existed. But where should you start? What type of coffee beans should you get? Well, this guide will help you figure that out. By the end of this short read, you will know exactly which coffee beans make a cup of espresso that you will truly fall in love with.

Champagne Beige and Selezione go together like milk and espresso

The Dedica Champagne Beige loves quiet get-togethers on a Sunday morning, sipping on coffee with friends and catching up on the latest news. The Champagne Beige is the glue of every friend group, a kind and welcoming disposition. It radiates warmness that stays with those around them for days on end.

Sound familiar? If so, Selezione Whole Coffee Beans are probably the coffee soulmate for you. Just like you, these beans have a persistent but sweet finish, with an intense aroma of fruitiness and cocoa that encapsulates entire rooms.

Nothing inspires the Mesmerising Azure more than Caffe Crema

As the artist of the group, the Dedica Mesmerising Azure exudes style and mystery. They love diving into obscure art and music. With an eccentric personality, they can be somewhat of an acquired taste. But once you get close to them, you’ll experience enlightening conversations and exciting new perspectives you never imagined possible.

Similiarly, the Caffe Crema Whole Coffee Beans are packed full of flavour with its 100% Arabica composition. An adventurous personality such as the Mesmerising Azure is bound to appreciate the bold mix of sweetness and acidity, as well as the subtle notes of fruitiness and sugar cane dwelling within each sip. If you’re a Mesmerizing Azure looking for inspiration, we promise that the Caffe Crema will get you there.

The Scarlet Red and Kimbo Prestige are an unstoppable duo

The Dedica Scarlet Red is unapologetic and the life of every party. They can electrify any room with just their dance moves alone. Often, it’s hard to keep up with their conversations just because of how excited they are, but their energy alone is enough to capture an audience regardless

Like the Scarlet Red, the Kimbo Prestige Espresso Coffee Beans will leave quite the impression with a pleasantly acidic profile and long-lasting spicy aftertaste. With its 35% robusta composition, the Kimbo Prestige packs quite a punch in terms of caffeine, giving the Scarlet Red the vivacity they need to take on each day.

Charismatic Black and Classico Whole Coffee Beans are the best of all worlds

The Dedica Charismatic Black may seem introverted to some, but they have a magnetic charm that works magic in just about any situation.  Most people stick to the Charismatic Black because of their monk-like mannerism that rivals any wise sage.  

And just like yin and yang, Classico Whole Coffee Beans perfectly complement the Charismatic Black’s taste buds, with a striking balance innate to its 50/50 arabica-robusta blend. Not only is it extremely flavourful with its smoky and chocolate notes, but it also brings a subtle aroma that can intoxicate any room as effectively as the natural charm of the Charismatic Black.

Less is more for both the Elegant White and Decaffeinato

They are loved because they know what they want. The Dedica Elegant White is a minimalist, only concerned with the essentials. They carry with them an air of elegance and a carefree attitude that makes them easy to approach.

With Decaffeinato Whole Coffee Beans, the Elegant White gets the freedom to enjoy coffee the way they like it — with no strings attached. A natural CO2 caffeine extraction method is used to ensure these coffee beans retain their full spectrum of flavours despite being decaf. Fans of the Decaffeinato have noted that its taste can vary from smoky to chocolate, with a balanced mouthfeel to go along with its enticing aroma.

Sleek Metal and Kimbo Classic strive for more together. 

The Dedica Sleek Metal sees things as they are. They’re practical and always plan ahead. With their fierce determination, any goal is within their reach. They are often celebrated and loved for their sheer passion for anything they are interested in.

The no-nonsense Kimbo Classic Espresso Coffee Beans is the perfect companion to Sleek Metal. Its 65% robusta blend has just enough caffeine to keep up with Sleek Metal’s fast-paced lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on taste. With a unique blend of spice, chocolate, and caramel, you’ll discover new things to love about this blend every day.

The perfect cup is what you make of it

Everyone has preferences. And it’s no different when it comes to espresso coffee. To truly understand what makes your taste buds light up, we recommend getting a reliable automatic espresso machine at home that you can use to experiment with different coffee beans and blends. In this regard, the De’Longhi Dedica Style Manual Espresso Machine is the best companion for all coffee makers and lovers. To discover your unique taste profile, find out with our coffee taste profile survey.

And if you still need advice on anything coffee-related, De’Longhi is giving you your very own coffee expert! With one-on-one consultations and workshops where you can have all your questions answered, you’ll soon have everything you need to get started on your very own coffee journey. All you need to do is take that first step, and sign up for a free session with us today.