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This new drip coffee maker automatically replicates the pour-over coffee method at the touch of a button - the slower brewing process results in a more intense and aromatic flavour. The precision brewing technology has earned certification from the European Coffee Brewing Centre (ECBC) for perfect flavour extraction with the highest quality standards. Enjoy the perfect combination of an optimal infusion temperature of 92 to 96 degrees, brewing time between 4 to 6 mins and a ground coffee to water ration of 7.5 g per 125 ml.

Unmistakable Italian design and premium finishing inspired by the clean lines of an hourglass


SGD 199.00


  • Pour-over function

    The machine is engineered to automate pulse pouring of the manual pour over method. The coffee tasting experience results in a more intense and aromatic flavor. The traditional method now at your fingertips

  • High-quality filter coffee brewing function

    The brewing system has earned certification by the “European Coffee Brewing Centre”: brewing filter coffee with a precise temperature range (between 92° - 96°C) and infusion time control. the optimal flavour extraction, time after time.

  • 10 cup carafe

    The high capacity carafe makes up to 10 cups of coffee

  • Keep warm plate

    Place your cup on the heated plate to keep it warm

  • Anti-drip System

    When the carafe is removed, the machine stops dispensing thereby avoiding possible dripping of the coffee

  • Auto shut off

    Automatically shut off power 40 minutes after the last coffee brew with the auto shut off function

  • Descaling alarm

    When the two buttons flash simultaneously, the machine advises that the descaling is needed


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