Your first 100 coffees on us when you purchase at the selected stores

We believe everyone deserves to experience the joy of freshly brewed coffee at home. Whether you're new to home brewing or looking to upgrade from a capsule machine, our pump espresso coffee machines are here to bring you into a whole new coffee world.

With the purchase of our Dedica Style Sleek Metal, Dedica Scarlet Red, or our Stilosa Pump Espresso Coffee Machine, we're offering you the chance to enjoy your first 100 coffees on us with 1kg of free ground coffee! 

Take this opportunity to discover the difference that fresh coffee can make, not just in terms of taste, but also in terms of savings.

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Our ground coffee tailored for Dedica Style and Stilosa Pump Espresso Coffee Machines

We have collaborated with our partner, Walker Group, renowned for their expertise in crafting bespoke coffee blends using premium quality beans. Together, we've developed a signature blend with a perfect grind tailored specially for our coffee machines to ensure you get the best cup of coffee out of it.  Find out more about Walker here.


 “Vietnam Indonesia Aceh Gayo Brazil Arabica" 

  • Roast level: medium-dark roasted
  • Tasting notes: chocolate, orange, and fruity
  • Origin: Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam

Our Pump Espresso Coffee Machines

Dedica Style

Have you always been fascinated by the barista behind the counter and how they bring your coffee into life? De’Longhi’s pump espresso machine, Dedica, is designed with years of research to create technologies that can extract your coffee perfectly, along with a small footprint, high quality built and compact size.

With the pressurised portafilter, getting your perfect crema and espresso flavours is easier than ever. The different variables in pulling a good shot can be better controlled as the pressured portafilter makes it easy to dial in your perfect shot even when you are changing different beans each time.