The Complete Guide To De'Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machines

The Complete Guide To De'Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machines

Owning a coffee machine at home that produces espresso just as good as what is served at your local cafe is made possible with a high-quality coffee machine from De’Longhi. Featuring an attractive selection of pump espresso coffee machines that offer a flawless combination of control and convenience, you will not have a problem pouring your morning or afternoon espresso exactly how you like to drink it.

Delonghi’s range of home espresso machines are designed with every type of coffee drinkers in mind. With options for coffee connoisseurs seeking out incredible precision, as well as those who just want a delicious espresso to start the day with their best foot forward, De’Longhi’s unmatched coffee-making traditions and expertise ensure every kind of coffee-lovers are catered. 

If you’re ready to add a superior espresso coffee machine to your home, this detailed guide will help you pick out the De’Longhi product that best matches your needs. Whether you are a coffee enthusiast just starting out on your coffee journey or an aspiring barista, choosing a premium espresso machine from De’Longhi is the ideal way to enjoy a speciality coffee in the comfort of your home.

Why Choose A Semi-Automatic De’Longhi Espresso Machine

Although several different types of coffee machines are suitable for home kitchens, a semi-automatic espresso machine provides an experience closest to your local cafe. This is because a semi-automatic coffee machine lets the owner take charge of the grinding, tamping and milk frothing process, ensuring you can make yourself a delicious cup of coffee that speaks to your exact preferences.

Semi-automatic models are also designed to be highly convenient, as the coffee machine handles the espresso shot for you. With outstanding taste, ease-of-use and versatility all built into De’Longhi’s range of home espresso machines, having the ability to produce delicious java whenever you please will take your daily routine to the next level.

What Are The Pump Espresso Coffee Machines Available?

1. Active Line


pump espresso coffee machines in living room


The world of coffee can seem pretty complex but there is  nothing wrong with craving for a tasty serving of coffee that requires minimal effort. The De’Longhi Active Line home espresso machine is perfect for coffee drinkers who have no time to wait, with a set of features focused on producing a consistently great-tasting cup of java. 

Here, you will  find 15 bar pressure to ensure your espresso coffee always has an incredible depth of flavour, while the manual cappuccino system makes it easy to produce milk froth that is wonderfully silky and smooth. For people always on the move, the De’Longhi Active Line is exceptional for those who want a stellar coffee on their way out the door. Featuring a streamlined design that recalls Italian coffee-making traditions, this De’Longhi home espresso machine will slot effortlessly onto your kitchen bench, ready and waiting to be put into use. 

Available in stylish  metal and black finishes, the De’Longhi Active Line offers fantastic versatility as it can be used with both ground coffee and coffee pods. Plus, there is  a functional double drip tray suitable for mugs or glasses up to 12 cm tall, ensuring you can enjoy all your favourite espresso-based drinks with no mess.

2. Dedica Style

dedica style coffee machine on table


Your local barista might make delicious coffee, but there is no reason to wait in line when you can achieve the same great taste at home. The De’Longhi Dedica Style home espresso machine gives owners the power to make high-quality coffee, plus you won’t have to sacrifice your bench space with its remarkably compact form factor. Featuring a width of just 14.9cm, the Dedica Style is perfect for passionate coffee-makers who look to keep their home kitchen neat and tidy at all times.

While this home coffee machine is certainly designed to be compact, it does not overlook any features required to brew a stunning espresso that lives up to your expectations. The inclusion of Thermoblock technology means your coffee always reaches the ideal temperature for brewing, plus the 15 bar pressure ensures the espresso is poured with the perfect golden-brown crema. The De’Longhi Dedica Style home espresso machine leaves plenty of room for your personal touch, with water temperature and extraction time set on the easy-to-configure control buttons.

Alongside deliciously authentic espresso, the Adjustable Cappuccino System is superb for producing top-notch aerated foam and hot milk. There is  also a cup warmer, double drip tray and two-level cup holder for you to produce a range of espresso-based beverages for yourself and guests without any issues. Practicality is stressed throughout the De’Longhi Dedica Style’s design, with a descaling alarm and automatic standby mode to conserve energy use.

With a classic look that pays tribute to Italy’s unmatched coffee-making history, this world-class De’Longhi home espresso machine is available in red, white and  metallic finishes. You can also pair it with the Dedica Conical Burr Grinder, featuring 18 grind settings that ensure your roasted beans are beautifully prepared for brewing.

3. La Specialista


la specialista coffee machine


The De’Longhi La Specialista espresso machine features everything you need to ensure your coffee-drinking experience at home is incredibly special. Designed for coffee connoisseurs who want to control the finest of details when it comes to their espresso, the 19 bar pressure delivers tantalising coffee every time it is put to use. Alongside a wealth of high-end features that satisfy even the most ardent espresso critics, La Specialista is the ultimate De’Longhi home espresso machine for those who draw incredible pleasure from their morning coffee ritual.

As owners of La Specialista are given intricate control over the entire brewing process, this euphoric espresso experience starts with roasted coffee beans that are ground with meticulous precision. Instead of time-based grinding used by other espresso coffee machines, De’Longhi’s innovative Sensor Grinding Technology automatically alters the grind duration to ensure you brew the ideal amount of coffee for each cup. Through a series of built-in sensors and six grinding settings – ranging from fine to coarse – La Specialista recognises that every type of coffee bean is different.

Alongside this rigorous grinding process, this state-of-the-art home espresso machine appreciates how important tamping is to the process of pulling the perfect coffee. Located in a convenient position on the side of La Specialista, this simple tamping solution helps owners pack their grounds evenly with the right amount of pressure to generate a stellar espresso shot. Plus, the smartly designed feature means you won’t end up spilling coffee grounds all over your kitchen.

The creation of splendid espresso also requires the water temperature to be just right. Fortunately, La Specialista’s Active Temperature Control uses two individual heating systems to deliver the optimal extraction. This high-end De’Longhi coffee machine also features the Advanced Latte System, which produces the ideal heat needed to create velvety milk froth. This independent heating structure eliminates the waiting time between coffee and milk preparation. 

The La Specialista comes equipped with three preset recipes for Espresso, Americano and Coffee, while there is also the customisable ‘my’ button that allows you to have your favourite drink prepared to your desired aroma strength and preferences. This sense of convenience extends to cleaning the coffee machine, with the drip tray suitable for dishwashers and the steam nozzle easy to remove and wipe down. 

If you consider yourself a passionate coffee drinker, owning an espresso machine that carefully considers every aspect of the brewing process is a must. With La Specialista’s cafe-inspired stainless steel design adorning your benchtop, pouring yourself an authentic espresso every morning or afternoon is bound to put a smile on your face.

Shop De’Longhi for Superior Home Espresso Machines

Whether you’re a life-long coffee fanatic or a relatively recent convert to the world of delicious espresso, having a premium De’Longhi espresso machine at home is the best way to enjoy a barista-quality coffee with complete convenience. Alongside the  wide range of coffee machine accessories that open up your brewing possibilities even further, there is a home espresso machine for every kind of coffee-drinker. 

With the Active Line, Dedica Style and La Specialista home espresso machines all benefiting from De’Longhi’s long and storied coffee-making history, you can bring the wonders of Italian espresso into your own home with ease. Featuring a sophisticated collection of products that heighten the atmosphere of any space, De’Longhi coffee machines ensure entertaining friends and family with great-tasting coffee is a delight.

Browse the De’longhi range of espresso machines today or get in touch with our friendly customer service or book a personalised one-to-one consultation with our coffee experts team to learn more about these high-quality appliances.