Electric Milk Frother & More: The Best Accessories For Your Coffee Machine

Electric Milk Frother & More: The Best Accessories For Your Coffee Machine

The best mornings always start with your favourite cup of coffee, brewed tenderly by your beloved. 

At De’Longhi, your love for coffee is married with the latest technology, creating some of the most convenient and luxe coffee machines possible. Experience the endless possibilities, all within the confines of your home or office. 

For someone who’s only had their first cuppa, down to the experienced coffee lover, De’Longhi’s coffee machines let you create the best coffee at home, but of course when paired with the right accessories. 

Any coffee machine is bound to produce a relatively good cup of coffee. But if you want the full experience, chances are, you will need the appropriate accessories to serve yourself something only your favourite barista could provide. 

Discover the top five best accessories to match your De’Longhi coffee machine

For everyone’s use


1. Coffee Bean Canister

Coffee lovers all around the world will agree that making good coffee starts with fresh, high quality coffee beans. While selecting your coffee beans may as well be a matter of personal preference, how one stores them is not. Proper storage is necessary to preserve the quality of your beans, and you can trust a coffee bean canister to do  just that. 


Investing in a good storage for your coffee beans is a must. For starters, consider the De’Longhi Vacuum Sealed Coffee Beans Canister. Powered by AA-battery, this opaque vacuum coffee canister prolongs the freshness of your coffee beans by keeping them away from sunlight, and reducing exposure to the air so that they stay aromatic and flavourful. The canister can also hold a volume of up to 1.5L, which is equivalent to two standard sized coffee bean bags. You could try mixing your beans of different origins to arrive at your own, personal blend of coffee! 

This coffee canister can also be used to store various types of coffee, whole coffee beans, ground espresso coffee, coffee pods and filter coffee. Cleaning the coffee canister is less of a chore too with its detachable inner container. 

A vacuum sealed coffee canister by De’Longhi will last you through the ages. It doesn’t matter if you own a fully automatic coffee machine or a semi-automatic one. As long as you love making and drinking coffee, you will want to preserve your coffee beans to maximise their flavours in every cup.


2. Ceramic Cup

Anybody who loves a good cuppa knows the struggle of keeping your freshly brewed at the ideal temperature. A mug or cup made of ceramic is a popular choice among coffee drinkers, known for its ability to retain the heat of your favourite cuppa for up to three hours. 

For coffee lovers looking to invest in a good reusable ceramic cup, look no further than the De’Longhi x STTOKE Ceramic Reusable Cup. Made with German-engineered water-based Gebron ceramic, the cup remains shatterproof, easy to clean, and ensures your first sip tastes the same as the last. The double-walled insulation also keeps your drink warm for three to six hours, perfect if you want your homemade coffee to last you throughout the day at work. Apart from being lightweight, the double layered rubber grip on the lid also prevents spillage. 

With its ergonomic design made to fit nicely into your hands, this STTOKE cup makes  it a good companion for anyone in Malaysia looking to have coffee on the go. 

If you enjoy coffee in the comfort of your home, consider the well-insulated double-walled thermal glasses in De’Longhi drinkware collection.

For the expert coffee makers


3. Electric Milk Frother

Texture is one of the few things that can make or break a cup of coffee. When milk is involved in brewing a cuppa, you can consider steaming and frothing milk to produce different textures for the palate, enhancing your coffee experience. 

Automatic milk frothing can be done on any of De’Longhi’s fully automated coffee machines. If you own a Dinamica Silver or Magnifica S Cappuccino fully automatic coffee machine, a good milk frother, like the De’Longhi Milk Frothing Carafe, is a good investment. 

The Milk Frothing Carafe is an electric milk frother that can froth various types of milk,  including plant-based alternatives such as almond, soy or even rice milk. With its LatteCrema system, you can create the ultimate dense and creamy milk froth, up to 1.5 times the volume of milk. The carafe is detachable too, which means that you can store milk in the fridge, as well as cater to separate dietary preferences for family members who are lactose intolerant when you use more than one carafe. This is a nod to De’Longhi’s promise to keep up with changing consumer needs.

The innovative LatteCrema system also helps you remove milk deposits and maintain the milk system with every use through its special cleaning function. Turn the knob to clean mode and you will get nicely cleaned milk spouts.

The De’Longhi Milk Frothing Carafe is compatible with the Dinamica Silver ECAM350.75.S and Magnifica S Cappuccino ECAM23.460.S only. If you own a PrimaDonna Elite Experience ECAM650.85.MS or PrimaDonna S Evo ECAM510.55.M, you can opt for the De’Longhi Thermal Milk Frothing Carafe

Go for the Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Jug to use with other fully automatic coffee machines. 


4. Coffee Tamper

When brewing coffee, a coffee tamper  is one of the most essential tools you need to ensure the best shot of espresso possible. It packs the coffee grounds into the portafilter, creating a flat, even surface. Tamped coffee grounds close up the gaps in between the portafilter, thereby forcing pressurised water to interact with the coffee grounds for the optimal period. This will give your espresso shot a fuller flavour. The point is to make it harder for the water to pass through the coffee grounds within the portafilter.

The ideal coffee tamper should not be too heavy and should hold a diameter that is compatible with your coffee machine’s portafilter, which at 51mm. De’Longhi’s Professional Barista Coffee Tamper is one such coffee tamper, with its perfect fit of 51mm. It is made with a stainless steel base of heavyweight quality to allow for an even tamping of your coffee grounds. 

The well-designed, high quality natural wood handle also offers a good grip of the coffee tamper

This coffee tamper is compatible with any of De’Longhi pump espresso coffee machines


5. Coffee Knock Box 

Removing your used coffee grounds can be quite the hassle for anyone who had to make one too many cups of coffee. Imagine scooping the wet coffee grounds out of your portafilter after each use, and then having to rinse them to remove any remaining debris. This challenge can be eased with a coffee knock box. 

A knock box comes with a bucket-like container with a durable rubber bar across it, allowing you to remove used coffee grounds from the portafilter with just one or two smooth taps on the bar. After you have pulled an espresso shot, knock the portafilter against the rubber bar to let the coffee grounds fall into the box. 

A coffee knock box can help to contain any loose coffee ground and minimise the odour of leftover coffee grounds from permeating the rest of your home or office. 

The Stainless Steel Coffee Knock Box from De’Longhi is designed to have a 45-degree angle opening for the safety of your fingers, as well as a perfectly sized 105mm diameter enough for you to hold your coffee  puck to slip nicely in.. The anti-slip rubber base of the knock box will help to make the disposal of coffee grounds a lot easier. In addition, the stainless steel design of the knock box is polished with a sleek mirror, designed to match your De’Longhi coffee machines. Moreover, make full use of these coffee grounds as an organic fertiliser for your garden use as it helps to improve aeration and soil drainage.

For those looking for the right cleaning solutions to get the most out of their coffee machine, consider a descaler as well. Effective in removing calcium carbonate build-up that could affect the brewing temperature and performance of your coffee machine, a descaler ensures each cup of java you prepare is luscious, just the way you like it. You can start with the EcoDecalk Coffee Machine Descaler that is made of natural ingredients and much effective than the usual descaler.

So how can I select the right coffee machine accessories? 

Ideally, you should choose coffee machine accessories based on your coffee making habits, as well as your experience with coffee. On top of that, it would be a lot practical for you to go for the accessories that match the coffee machines that you own, be they fully automatic or semi-automatic. 

Once you have a better idea of the type of coffee that you like to drink and understand your processes, you can then decide which accessories help you arrive at that cuppa.