Barista Coffee Machines for Homes & Offices in Malaysia

Bringing the world together one cup at a time, java is one of the (if not the) most popular drinks around the world. Choose your cuppa according to your lifestyle needs. Whether you are a coffee taster who enjoy a large soy cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso and chocolate on top of extra soy froth on the side, or you’re a java junkie who savours sips of a straight-up espresso, discover the right pick that suits your taste from our extensive range of both residential and commercial coffee machines

We’re one of Malaysia’s leading coffee machine suppliers providing an extensive selection of basic and professional coffee machines for the home and the office. For coffee drinkers who desire convenience to the aspirational barista, get professional cups with one-touch simplicity or go for barista coffee machines that’ll churn out the most delectable, aromatic delight you’ll ever experience.

  Fully Automatic Coffee Machines  

From the bean to the cup, releasing all the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee with just one touch. Possibility to customise all the functions to have always the best espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato at home or in the office.

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  1. delonghi_facm_magnifica s compact_ecam12122b_carousel_thumbnail_1


    MYR 1,999.00
  2. De'Longhi Malaysia Magnifica S Black  ECAM22.110.B thumbnail
    Magnifica S Black


    MYR 2,499.00
  3. delonghi fully automated coffee machine magnifica s smart ecam.250.33.tb thumbnail
    Magnifica S Smart


    MYR 2,999.00
  4. Magnifica Evo Silver Black
    Magnifica Evo Silver Black


    MYR 3,299.00
  5. Delonghi Dinamica facm ecam350.15.s fully automatic coffee machine thumbnail
    Dinamica Black


    MYR 3,499.00
  6. delonghi fully automatic coffee machine magnifica s evo titanium black ecam290.81.tb carousel thumbnail
    Magnifica Evo Titanium Black


    MYR 3,799.00
  7. Delonghi Dinamica plus facm ecam370.95.t fully automatic coffee machine thumbnail
    Dinamica Plus


    MYR 4,999.00
    Out of stock
  8. delonghi facm primadonna elite experience thumbnail
    PrimaDonna Elite Experience


    MYR 10,000.00

  Pump Espresso Coffee Machines  

Let the inspirational barista brewing inside you flow... See how easy it is to make the best authentic espresso and cappuccino at home or the office with a De’Longhi pump espresso coffee maker.

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  1. Active Line Adjustable
    Active Line Adjustable


    MYR 699.00
  2. Dedica Style EC 685.M | De'Longhi Malaysia thumbnail
    Dedica Style Sleek Metal


    MYR 999.00
  3. Dedica Style Red Pump EC685.R | De'Longhi Malaysia thumbnail
    Dedica Style Scarlet Red


    MYR 999.00
  4. delonghi pump espresso dedica arte metal ec885m front
    Dedica Arte Metal


    MYR 1,499.00
  5. a coffee maker is shown on a white background.
    Dedica Arte Beige


    MYR 1,499.00
  6. delonghi pump espresso dedica arte grey ec885gy front
    Dedica Arte Grey


    MYR 1,499.00
  7. The Las Specialista Arte in Red comes with a set of Barista tools exclusive from De'Longhi.
    La Specialista Arte


    Regular Price MYR 3,399.00 Special Price MYR 2,999.00
  8. Delonghi Malaysia La Specialista Arte EC9155.MB thumbnail
    La Specialista Arte


    MYR 3,399.00
  9. delonghi malaysia pump coffee machine la specialista prestigio thumbnail
    La Specialista Prestigio


    MYR 4,499.00
    Out of stock

  Drip Coffee Machines  

Enjoy the subtle flavour and rich aroma of drip coffee at home with a coffee maker from De’Longhi. With complete frontal access and digital control, our drip coffee machines make it easy to brew delicious coffee without any need to move the unit.

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  1. Delonghi Malaysia Active Line 5-Cup Drip Coffee Machine ICM12011 thumbnail
    Active Line 5-Cup Drip Coffee ...


    Regular Price MYR 229.00 Special Price MYR 199.00

  Coffee Bean Grinders  

As the perfect accompaniment to your De’Longhi coffee maker, our coffee grinders use up-to-date technology to give you more freedom over the grind and aroma of your coffee. As you grind as much as you need, each beverage you make is as fresh as the first — whether you’re brewing espresso or making a latte.  

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  1. delonghi coffee grinder blade kg200 thumbnail
    Blade Coffee Grinder


    MYR 199.00
  2. Burr Coffee Grinder
    Burr Coffee Grinder (Black)


    MYR 289.00
    Out of stock
  3. Dedica Conical Burr Grinder KG521.M | De'Longhi Malaysia thumbnail
    Dedica Conical Burr Grinder


    MYR 899.00

  All Coffee Machine Accessories  

If you’re making a cuppa at home or the office, make it right with all you need. From a coffee tamper to the De’Longhi reusable ceramic cup, pick the coffee essentials to make the best of your machine.

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  1. Eco MultiClean Solution DLSC550 250ml thumbnail
    Eco MultiClean Solution 250ml


    MYR 55.00
    Out of stock

  Cleaning Solutions  

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  1. Eco MultiClean Solution DLSC550 250ml thumbnail
    Eco MultiClean Solution 250ml


    MYR 55.00
    Out of stock

  Moka Pot  

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Frequently Asked Questions About Home & Office Coffee Maker Machines 


If I like being hands-on when making coffee, what home coffee maker would you recommend?

If you desire to brew your cuppa like a professional barista, suggest going with a pump espresso coffee bean machine.

Why choose De’Longhi Malaysia as our office’s coffee machine supplier?

Each of our residential and commercial coffee machines has been developed with longevity and reliability in mind, which means your staff won’t ever be without their caffeine fix.

I need a barista-quality coffee machine at home that is simple to use - do you have something for me?

For a convenient cup of aromatic speciality coffee, pick from our luxury line of fully automatic coffee machines. They make some of the best, therapeutic java you’ll ever taste in just a touch.