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Coffee beans’ greatest enemies are air, moisture, heat, and light. To preserve the aroma and freshly roasted flavors of your newly opened coffee beans for as long as possible, store them in an opaque, air-tight container at room temperature.


Tne De’Longhi Vacuum Coffee Canister is the perfect solution to help you ensure that your coffee beans are as fresh as when you first got them. With a polished stainless steel finishing, this vacuum coffee canister matches any kitchen countertop and helps to keep your coffee beans and food fresh.


  • Push the large vacuum sealing button to remove the air inside the canister
  • Press the small white button to release air into the canister before opening
  • Conveniently keep track of your food and coffee freshness with a built-in date indicator
  • 1300ml capacity, suitable to fill and store a 500g of coffee beans


Prefer a battery-operated coffee canister? Try the Vacuum Sealed Coffee Beans Canister 1.5L DLSC068 to keep your beans fresh.

MYR 179.00



Store many varieties of food, from coffee beans or even biscuits to pair with your coffee in this manual vacuum canister. Maintain the freshness of your coffee beans as if they are as fresh as the day that you bought them.

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Do you want to be sure that each cup of coffee you prepare is the greatest you've ever had? With a stainless-steel body, you can ensure that your coffee beans stay in tip-top condition and are protected against moisture, bugs, light, and harmful UV rays that may affect the original flavors of your coffee.

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Struggling to go the additional mile to label your coffee with an expiry date? Get rid of your frustrations with a canister that has a built-in date indicator. Accurately tracks the freshness of your food and beans conveniently.

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Excite your coffee senses by trying out De'Longhi and Kimbo coffee beans selection. From Café Crema Whole Coffee Beans 250g to Kimbo Prestige Espresso Coffee Beans 250g, there's something for everyone.

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