Furnish Your Kitchen With The Best Appliances This 11.11 Sale

Singles Day just got even better with the best De’Longhi Malaysia 11.11 Sale! This November, enjoy amazing deals, discounts, and exclusive promotions on your favourite coffee machines, kitchen and home appliances at De’Longhi. However, our sale prices are only available while stocks last, so be sure to get your orders ready in time so you can cart them out immediately once the clock strikes 12am on 11.11! 

Coffee Essentials You’ll Never Break Up With

Offering a convenient way to make coffee whilst also allowing people to enjoy great-tasting cuppas just the way they like it, coffee machines have now become a staple kitchen appliance in many Malaysian homes. If you don’t already have one or are looking to change your current coffee maker, then there is no better time to do so than during our Singles Day 11.11 Sale! 

With the great deals and promotions available during our 11.11 sale, you can now furnish your kitchen with your very own De’Longhi coffee machine. While love may sometimes fail, you can be sure that all De’Longhi coffee machines promise to bring you satisfaction with every sip – allowing you to enjoy gourmet coffee in the comforts of your home whenever you want. 

Whether you are looking for fully automatic coffee machines, pump espresso coffee machines, drip coffee machines, electric Moka pots, or coffee bean grinders, we have it all at De’Longhi Malaysia’s 11.11 sale. Essentially, we’ve got everything to match the tastes and preferences of every coffee connoisseur. So, don’t wait. Come discover our full range of coffee essentials at De’Longhi and perhaps add some premium coffee beans or commercial-grade barista tools to your cart to complete your coffee-making experience.

Shop De’Longhi Malaysia’s coffee essentials this Single’s Day at our 11.11 sale!

Give Your Home A Breath Of Fresh Air

Beat the humidity of living in the tropics and uplift your life with fresh air using De’Longhi Malaysia’s dehumidifiers. Say goodbye to stuffy air and allergy reactions when you grab yourself a humidifier in this 11.11 sale. Designed to double up as air purifiers, our range of dehumidifiers provides you with fresh air for enhanced comfort. From improving the air quality to reducing potential mould problems at home, there’s so much you can get out of this single appliance. 

Shop De’Longhi Malaysia’s dehumidifiers this Singles’ Day at our 11.11 sale!

Stylish Kitchen Appliances For Heart-warming Meals

Small yet practical, stylish and functional, De’Longhi’s range of kitchen appliances make for perfect cooking partners. No sweat nor hassle, our electric ovens come complete with every function you need to cook up a storm. From distinctively designed electric water kettles to bread toaster ovens for the crunchy, golden-brown toasts to kickstart your every day – there’s no shortage of options you can choose from. 

To top it off, you’ll get to enjoy more savings when you purchase these kitchen appliances during our Singles’ Day 11.11 Sale! 

Shop De’Longhi Malaysia’s kitchen appliances this Singles’ Day at our 11.11 sale!

Overwhelmed By Our 11.11 Sale? Let Our Experts Help! 

While our 11.11 sale is the perfect time for you to let go of all your inhibitions, we understand that some of you may have certain budgets to stick to. So, if you find yourself in the predicament of having to pick from numerous choices but are unsure of which appliance to go for, fret not. Our in-house live coffee experts at De’Longhi Malaysia are always ready to give you personalised advice on everything coffee-related and more. Available even on non-sale periods and products, these 1-on-1 consultation sessions are completely on us, so do not hesitate to arrange one for yourself if it helps you make a better purchase decision for this 11.11 sale. 

Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi Malaysia’s 11.11 Sale

Are there deals and promotions on all products during De’Longhi Malaysia’s 11.11 sale?

While not all products are on sale this Singles’ Day, we promise that there is a little something for everyone. You can find the best 11.11 deals on coffee essentials, kitchen necessities, and even dehumidifiers to keep your home and life in perfect order. Simply browse our De’Longhi Malaysia eShop to find out what items are on sale at promotional prices and snag the best deals this November.

Are there returns or refunds available for products discounted during De’Longhi’s 11.11 sale?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds or returns at De’Longhi Malaysia. However, you can rest assured that all our products are made using the highest quality materials and technology. Furthermore, all appliances from De’Longhi Malaysia come with a one-year local warranty for both labour and parts. Coffee machines offered under our Coffee Privilege Programme come with an additional year warranty. 

Read up on our warranty policies here

When will my purchases from the 11.11 sale be delivered? 

Whether or not the items you purchase are discounted during our 11.11 sale, we will deliver them right to your doorstep in 3 to 5 working days. Delivery is free in West Malaysia for orders RM250 and above and usually takes place between Mondays to Saturdays, 9am - 5pm, excluding Public Holidays.

Find out more information about our delivery services.