Buy Kitchen Appliances Online with De’Longhi Singapore

Leveraging a signature Italian style and sophistication in product design, De’Longhi presents home kitchen appliances that rival any gourmet kitchen. Our electric ovens, kettles, and toasters are made for easy and convenient use while sparing no expense when it comes to the quality of the results.

Buy the best consumer kitchen appliances online with De’Longhi Singapore today.

Electric Ovens That Look Great and Work Better

De’Longhi electric ovens are built to be small and practical, offering power and a wide range of functionality in compact, vintage designs. Whether it’s for baking, defrosting, grilling, heat convection, keeping food warm, or even for gratin or acting as a rotisserie oven, the De’longhi electric oven does it all and well. 

Featuring extreme durability and longevity, the functionality of our electric ovens cater to all home baking and cooking needs, while adding a touch of style to any kitchen countertop. 

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Premium Stainless Steel Electric Water Kettles

It doesn’t matter if you’re rushing to boil water in a pinch for unexpected guests, or simply craving a cup of freshly made tea to complement your warm duvet and a good book, our De’Longhi kettles can get you what you need in the blink of an eye, with no hassle whatsoever. 

Distinctively designed to deliver both functionality and aesthetic, our stainless steel electric water kettles at De’Longhi nestle perfectly in any home kitchen and come in various sizes and designs such that there’s a perfect kettle for every kitchen, no matter your available space or kitchen decor. 

Get the quickest boils possible while looking and feeling good with water kettles from De’Longhi Singapore today.

Crunchy Toasts Made Convenient with Our Bread Toaster Ovens

The perfect toast is conceptually subjective, but that doesn’t matter at all. De’Longhi bread toaster ovens come with in-built browning controls that let you choose exactly how golden-brown you’d like your bread to be. 

The defrosting and reheating settings on our toaster ovens also mean that warming up your favourite pastries becomes much more convenient. Not to mention, the removable crumb tray makes for easy cleaning and hassle-free maintenance. Whipping up a hearty breakfast or a delightful afternoon snack has never been easier! 

Get perfectly toasted toasts with De’longhi’s bread toaster ovens today.

Buy Kitchen Appliances and More Online with De’Longhi’s Consumer Solutions

While De’Longhi has certainly built up a reputation for our kitchen appliances, we are also renowned for other consumer home solutions such as premium coffee essentials for consistent doses of caffeine and dehumidifiers that let you breathe easy at home. Shop De’Longhi consumer products to reinvigorate your entire living space and turn your abode into a home you can truly enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi Singapore’s Electric Ovens, Kettles and Toasters

Are there exchange policies when I buy kitchen appliances online with De’Longhi?

At De’Longhi Singapore, we practise a 7-day exchange policy for our electric ovens, kettles, and toasters in the case where you receive a faulty product or a kitchen appliance that is fundamentally different from what you had placed an online order to buy. Learn more about our sales and exchanges at De’Longhi.

Does De’Longhi provide delivery services if I purchase an electric oven, kettle, or toaster online?

Yes, our delivery services for orders $150 and above are free of cost, while a $5 delivery fee applies to all orders below that amount. You can expect your electric oven, kettle, or toaster to arrive in 2-3 business days from the time of your online purchase. We deliver on Mondays to Saturdays from 9am to 10pm excluding public holidays.

Are De’Longhi electric ovens, kettles, and toasters covered under local warranty?

Our electric ovens, kettles, and toasters come with a standard one-year local warranty covering labour and parts. Find out more about our product warranty policy at De’Longhi.