Gifts For Coffee Lovers In Singapores

In Singapore, the most predictable thing you can give a coffee lover is more coffee. To up your gift-giving game this year, give your favourite coffee lover a gift set they can really get enthusiastic over.

If they truly want to appreciate every detail that goes into crafting a perfect cup of coffee, the only way is to do it yourself. That means taking steps to understand what makes coffee the way it is. One way to start that journey is by getting them their very own coffee machine.

For a coffee lover or enthusiast, there’s nothing like sipping on a cup of coffee made by their own hands. With a coffee machine, they will get to experience that same joy every morning. Not only can a coffee machine elevate the drinking experience, but it can also be quite the conversation starter when your friend has guests over.


No coffee is equal. Whether it’s arabica or robusta, we all have our preferences. When you have a coffee machine at your disposal, you have the endless possibilities that come with exploring your coffee palette.

You’d be surprised how much goes into one cup of coffee. From the types of coffee beans used to the temperature affecting the extraction process, being able to work with coffee will enrich your coffee lover’s drinking experience – making every sip a little more meaningful. 

For a coffee lover, receiving a coffee machine as a gift is a dream come true. A coffee machine means endless customisation. Even though there’s no such thing as a perfect cup of coffee, understanding how each part of the coffee-making process affects its final taste can get them pretty close to perfection.

Fun even for first-timers

De’Longhi coffee machines are easy to use and don’t require any prior barista experience to run

Multi-coloured and multi-purposed

Choose from a diverse range of stylishly functional coffee machines to make sure you find the perfect one

Equal parts striking and sturdy

Built on timeless design principles that never seem to run out of style

Get great results effortlessly

Make a great cup of coffee with just a push of a few buttons



It’s nice to be surrounded by the best coffee gear money can buy. But the true way to enjoy coffee is by understanding and savouring the range of flavours that coffee can bring. As a coffee enthusiast, you need to have first-hand experience in making your own coffee – even if it’s just with a French press.

For the more adventurous coffee lovers, however, a coffee machine is the best way to explore your palette since it gives complete control over things like heat and extraction time.

But of course, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. So if you need more gift set ideas, you can always check in with your live coffee advisor. Sign up today and you’ll be able to get a 1-on-1 consultation and have all your coffee-related questions answered by an expert. it’s completely free so start your journey into coffee today.

Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi Singapore’s Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Do you have De’Longhi gift vouchers for purchase?

Unfortunately, we do not sell gift vouchers for purchase. However, when you purchase selected De’Longhi coffee machine models in Singapore, you’ll receive a gift code for a selection of our premium coffee accessories. This includes our limited edition ceramic mug in collaboration with STTOKE, quality coffee beans, as well as barista tools to complete the gift for your coffee enthusiast.

Will I be entitled to warranty and servicing for the De’Longhi coffee machine that I’ve gotten as a gift?

Every De’Longhi coffee machine comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty. If your coffee machine requires servicing, you will still be entitled to our complimentary pick-up and drop-off service within your one-year warranty period. Simply sit back at home and our dedicated coffee personnel will come to your doorstep, pick up and bring back your coffee machine in its optimal condition after service. Click here to find out more about our product servicing and repair services.

Where can I find more information about your products?

If you are looking to get a gift for a coffee lover, or a coffee enthusiast like yourself, feel free to browse our online shop. Our online store provides clear descriptions and features on each of our products to help you make the right decision on which product is best for your needs. Alternatively, you can also visit any of our outlets in Singapore to have a look and feel of our products before making a purchase decision.