Professional Coffee Machine For Cafés And Restaurants


That’s where we come in. De’Longhi is redefining the kitchen workspace with a suite of the industry’s best kitchen appliances. By streamlining the cooking process, your staff will be able to focus on giving your customers the joy of their lives.

Our award-winning kitchen appliances have not only won the hearts of Singaporeans, but they’ve also covered every aspect of running a functioning restaurant. From coffee makers to dehumidifiers, De’Longhi provides everything you need for the ideal restaurant or café environment your customers deserve.


Nothing goes with a hot meal better than a fresh cup of coffee. With our world-renowned professional coffee machines, not only will your restaurant’s dining experience be completely reinvented, but your guests will also be treated to an aromatic blend of coffee. 

You’d be surprised how easy it is. You don’t need to outsource a small café to serve your guests coffee every day. You can still serve a delightful cup of coffee to your guests at the price of an espresso coffee machine.

We believe in making delicious coffee accessible to all. That’s why our coffee and espresso machines are user-friendly and programmable to suit your restaurant’s or café’s needs. With a simple push of a button, anyone who steps into your establishment will be able to sip on café-grade espresso.

No frills. Only grills.

Minimalist design for maximum kitchen efficiency

Hassle-free installation

Simple instructions and easy-to-set-up

Works as good as it looks

The right mix between pretty and high performance

Matched to your kitchen

Multiple varieties that cater to your kitchen’s unique cooking style

Trusted by restaurateurs everywhere

Crafted with the timeless principles of Italian design

Make every meal a memorable one

Raise the bar for dining quality all across the board

Work from a fully equipped kitchen

A full deck of cooking appliances to run a world-class kitchen

Serving up everything between fast food and fine dining

De’Longhi knows that food is a multi-sensory experience. We taste with our eyes and nose first. So if you want to give your guest a premium experience, you need an environment to match. Only when your kitchen is well-prepared at every stage will you have the best chance of giving your guest an unforgettable dining experience.

But you don’t have to go through this journey alone. De’Longhi is offering free 1-on-1 consultation to get your restaurant up and running. Connect with your peers and exchange tips with experts with years of experience in the industries. Whether it’s about coffee making, operating your coffee machines or advice on running a small business, our panel of experts will answer all your kitchen-related questions, so don’t wait.

Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi’s Coffee Machines For cafés

How much does a professional coffee machine for a café cost?

De’longhi fully automatic and pump grinder coffee-making machines range in price from S$999 to S$5000 and above. De’Longhi has a wide selection of professional espresso machines and fully automatic coffee machines, for all types of coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, and coffee services that fit your budget.

What else do I need to budget for my café, apart from a coffee machine?

While the coffee machine is the heart of your business’ coffee experience, it is not the only equipment you need. Be sure to leave some room in the budget for quality coffee beans, coffee bean grinders, coffee machine accessories, as well as barista tools.

How long does a coffee machine last?

Good coffee makers often last for no less than five years, with industry experts asserting that regular cleaning and descaling can easily extend the lifespan of a café’s coffee machine to up to 10 years. At De’Longhi, in addition to cleaning solutions, we also offer product servicing and repair services for coffee machines that you have purchased from us. Reach out to us today to find out more.