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We all know Singaporeans love their perks. Some of the biggest corporate offices in the world come equipped with kitchen appliances and equipment to keep employees happy at the workplace. From vending machines to bean to cup coffee machines, great companies know the smartest investment they can make is to invest in their people.

And when it comes to smart appliances for your corporate office, few choices rival the artisanal mastery of De’Longhi. With uncompromisable design producing professional results, you will quickly discover how a quality office space translates into better work quality.


No modern office is complete without a bean to cup coffee machine in the pantry. Whether it’s a fully automatic coffee machine, an automatic drip coffee maker or a commercial espresso pump machine, there is no faster way to win your employee’s heart than with an aromatic coffee blend to start off the morning.

And with so many choices in coffee, you can be sure that no matter the brew, you will get delicious results. So, put away your three-in-one coffee sachets and choose De’Longhi today. De’Longhi appliances are a favourite for many employees worldwide, delivering consistent results, even for a larger office.

Buy a De’Longhi coffee machine for your office and brew great memories with your coworkers today!





Keep your employees in tip-top condition with a comfortable space to relax and unwind


Equip your pantry with everything a hardworking employee needs to fuel up and recharge


Create an unforgettable experience for your visitors as they step into your office


Boost productivity with appliances to keep your employees focused




Not looking to invest in a commercial coffee machine for your office? We understand and have options for you. Rent a De’Longhi commercial coffee machine for your work-related events. From a company gala to a casual brunch with your important stakeholders, a hearty brew is all you need to liven up the room.




Boost productivity with a cup of joe

Stave off the mid-afternoon slump with a buzz to keep your employees going.

Get those ideas flowing

Crank up your creativity with a cup of inspiration to power through that brainstorming session

A conversation starter you can drink

Get people to warm up to you and keep the conversation going with a hot cuppa

Good work deserves great coffee

Boost staff morality and show your thanks to them with a cup of world-class coffee roast.

Health is wealth

Coffee is known to improve metabolic activity, which means that your staff can keep their metabolism at optimal levels even if they are at their desks all day.

Discover the barista in you

User-friendly coffee machines mean anyone can get their coffee fix without any fuss.




Who said office work can’t be glamorous? When you have a workspace designed with your team’s welfare in mind, you can expect better work and happier employees. You’d be surprised at how much difference the right appliance can make at the office, especially when that appliance is a De’Longhi machine designed to make a great cup of coffee.

But don’t hear it from us. Have a chat with the experts. Share your contact details with us and we’ll connect you to our affiliate referral program where you can receive a personalised consultation to meet your unique needs.




Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee Machines For Your Singapore Office

Which coffee maker should I use for the perfect cup?

For the novice barista, we recommend a pump espresso machine that will give you professional coffee-grade goodness with every pull.


Is there a coffee maker that allows me to brew a cup of coffee while I do other tasks? 

Our drip coffee machines are set-and-forget, making them the perfect appliance for your office pantry. Simply put the coffee beans and water in and it’ll take care of the rest. Just adjust the time so it’s all ready when you need a sip.


What’s an easy-to-use coffee machine for my Singapore office? 

While drip coffee machines are ideal for use in your Singapore office, our fully automatic coffee machines might just be exactly what your employees have been waiting for. With just a touch of a button, you now have the possibility to customise functions for the best espresso, cappuccino, and even latte macchiato.