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There is no right answer when it comes to choosing a living space. We all have our preferences. That's why De’Longhi believes in giving you the power to choose the perfect appliance for your needs - with endless customisation options available behind each one.

The right space makes all the difference. When a home owner’s taste is in perfect harmony with their space, it almost seems like magic is happening. This is why De’Longhi bases its designs around different personas. With coffee machine rental options and home trials available for our coffee machines, we personalise packages to suit your needs.


Each De'Longhi coffee machine celebrates the birthplace of espresso, paying tribute to Italy's long history of innovation.

Our machines are built on high-quality materials and rigorous design standards, so you can be sure that each appliance will carry on with style for years to come. From coffee makers to toasters, De'Longhi products are sure to please. Rent our coffee machines for your home or office today!


De’Longhi’s flagship products have always been its coffee makers. Each machine has a distinctive design that is perfect for any room it occupies, making everyday tasks that much more enjoyable. Coffee aficionados love the many ways each machine can produce quality coffee which rivals the best cafés in town.

And with the option to rent your coffee machine, now everyone can enjoy a delicious cuppa anytime they want, whether in the office or at home. Getting great coffee is now easier and more convenient. 



Design a comfortable space that will allow you to get a good night’s rest


Professional-grade appliances to cook up a storm and whet your appetite


Spend less time on your chores and more time enjoying life with home appliances that delight


Unwind after a long day with fresh air as you let the quiet surroundings soothe you


Welcome guests into your home with as you open up doors to endless possibilities with our appliances


Elevate the space outside your home to enjoy the company of your loved ones


Get more out of your day with a space that boosts your productivity levels



Never go out of style

Great-looking classic designs to match the interior design of every space

Find your perfect fit

A wide selection of colours and variations to meet your specific needs

Quality performance for years to come

Using only robust materials and a rigorous assembly process to ensure satisfaction

Professional results at home

Impress your guests with at-home results that meet industry standards

Where fun meets functional

User-friendly and intuitive, De’Longhi’s appliances are easy to use

The first choice for every designer

Bold design choices with an attention to detail, our appliances stand out in every space


De’Longhi is beloved by design lovers around the world for its quality home and kitchen appliances. But it’s not all about the looks. De’Longhi’s appliances are also functional and are perfect for all who want to spruce up their living space. 

Need any ideas to upgrade your living space? Simply send us your details and we’ll connect you to our affiliate referral program. Discover your true aesthetic with a team of expert designers located conveniently near you. 




Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi’s Coffee Machine Rental 

What kind of coffee machine can I rent for my office? 

De’Longhi’s coffee machine rental services provide you with a hassle-free way to use our coffee machines for your office or business events. Simply let us know your budget and your coffee needs, and we’ll tailor a maintenance package with all these in mind.


Alternatively, if you are considering buying a coffee machine for your home, you can sign up for a Coffee Home Trial and try out our fully automatic coffee machines for 28 calendar days before committing to a purchase. 


Where can I find more information about your products?

You can find detailed descriptions and features of our coffee machines for rent via our online store. If you have questions about our products, please visit our FAQ page to view commonly asked questions.


Kindly reach out to us if you have questions about our coffee machine rental services.


What if I received the wrong order or my order is damaged?

We regret to hear that this has happened. Please inform your carrier before he leaves your premises, and we will arrange for a service recovery.


If you want to claim a wrong or damaged order after acknowledging the receipt, please email us at with your order number, detailed description, and any necessary supporting photos within 7 days of delivery, so we can help arrange an exchange as soon as possible.


For coffee machine rentals, we provide scheduled onsite maintenance to ensure consistent and quality coffee. Hence, if at any time during your lease period, you find that your coffee machine is not working properly, please do not hesitate to reach out to us as soon as possible.