The Complete Guide To De'Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machines

The Complete Guide To De'Longhi Pump Espresso Coffee Machines

Creating an authentic espresso or cappuccino at home does not have to be a chore. De’Longhi’s stylish range of pump espresso coffee machines ensures there are outstanding options for every kind of coffee-lover. With each one of us having our preferences when it comes to pouring a delicious cup of java, making sure your home kitchen has the perfect machine is essential to starting the day right.

Whether you are a passionate lifelong coffee drinker who savours every last drop or someone who simply wants a great tasting brew without sacrificing the touch of a barista, De’Longhi’s stellar collection of pump espresso coffee machines has the right tools to suit your needs. Simple or specialist – we cater to espresso enthusiasts of every description.

Discover in this comprehensive guide to De’Longhi’s home espresso machines to make an informed choice about the product that will take your coffee drinking experience to new heights.

Why Choose A Semi-Automatic De’Longhi Espresso Machine?

Before diving into which De’Longhi home espresso machine makes sense for your coffee habit, you have to decide whether a semi-automatic setup is an optimal choice for you. With this type of machine serving as a compact version of what you'd typically find in your favourite cafe, they offer coffee connoisseurs the perfect combination of control and convenience.

A semi-automatic De’Longhi espresso machine ensures your coffee is primed for your every desire, with brewers having total command over the grinding, tamping and milk frothing process. As the coffee machine takes over to pour a superb espresso shot, all the elements come together to deliver a sumptuous cup of coffee worth savouring.

What Are The Pump Espresso Coffee Machines Available?

1. Active Line


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When it comes to sipping on a hot cup of coffee, some people believe simple is best. This is why De’Longhi’s Active Line home espresso machine is beloved by busy people who desire the meeting point of quality, consistency and simplicity. Featuring a robust 15 bar pressure that creates a rich espresso flavour, the manual cappuccino system makes it easy to produce the perfect froth for your drink. You might have to get up and go, but a morning coffee made with the Active Line home espresso machine will help you savour the moment.

Alongside a great tasting brew, the Active Line coffee machine provides a compact, easy-to-use, timeless design that complements your kitchen. With a convenient double drip tray that fits mugs or glasses up to 12cm tall, and the choice between ground coffee or pods, usability is the name of the game for this De’Longhi espresso machine.

For those who value a genuinely indulgent coffee with minimal fuss, consider making De’Longhi Active Line your home espresso machine of choice.

2. Dedica Style

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Achieving a barista-quality coffee at home doesn’t require an abundance of equipment. If you’re a coffee-drinker who prefers a minimalist approach, the De’Longhi Dedica Style home espresso machine is the perfect match. Featuring an ultraslim design that slots effortlessly onto your benchtop, brewing a variety of perfectly balanced espresso-based drinks is super practical. Alongside a convenient cup warmer, a double drip tray, and our Adjustable Cappuccino System for wonderfully aerated foam or hot milk, the De’Longhi Dedica Style ensures that your espresso has all the marks of an authentic Italian coffee bar.

The De’Longhi Dedica Style coffee machine might be a compact size, but that doesn’t mean it lacks the features required to make incredible coffee at home. This comprehensive home espresso machine has Thermoblock technology to ensure your espresso is brewed at the ideal temperature every time, while the 15 bars pressure delivers a refined body and thick crema. For those who want to add a personal touch to their espresso-making experience, the De’Longhi Dedica Style offers a user-friendly control panel that allows you to customise water temperature and extraction time.

This dynamic home coffee machine also makes it painless to produce a wide variety of drinks, with a two-level cup holder suitable for pouring a complex, espresso-based drink into your favourite tall glass. Like all De’Longhi coffee machines, the Dedica Style’s elegant design highlights a reverence for Italian coffee-making traditions alongside modern conveniences like automatic standby mode and a descaling alarm. It is best paired with the Dedica Conical Burr Grinder that comes with 18 grind setting to produce quality coffee powder fresh from roasted beans.

Available in attractive red, white and metal colours and stainless steel finishes, skip the queue at your local coffee shop or cafe and discover what makes De’Longhi Dedica Style so special.

3. La Specialista

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Drawing from De’Longhi’s 120-year-long history, our La Specialista home espresso machine is for those who relish the highest quality brewing experience at the comfort of your home. Putting intricate control in the hands of those who use this 19 bars pressure coffee machine, the innovative technology featured within La Specialista ensures coffee connoisseurs produce remarkably consistent espresso-based drinks that heighten their morning ritual. With La Specialista enhancing every stage of the coffee-making process, impassioned coffee drinkers won’t ever grow tired of its meticulously prepared brew.

Every coffee-lover knows that a great grinder has the power to radically improve the quality of your final beverage. Fortunately, this superior home machine is equipped with the latest features like the Sensor Grinding Technology. While some home espresso machines use rudimentary time-based grinding that delivers inconsistent results, La Specialista’s built-in sensors automatically adjust the grinding duration to ensure your coffee is made using the perfect amount. Meanwhile, there are six grinding settings – ranging from fine to coarse – to ensure you can quickly adjust to the nature of your preferred beans.

The tamper is a fundamental tool in the arsenal of a skilled barista when obtaining the best possible extraction. La Specialista ensures your espresso is brewed with ultimate precision, as the Smart Tamping Station presses your ground coffee with the ideal weight without any leftover coffee residues in the portafilter. Smartly positioned on the side of the coffee machine, this easy-to-use tamp outputs the optimal pressure required to prime your portafilter for brewing. As a bonus, this semi-automatic process means you won’t end up with coffee grounds around your benchtop, ensuring a mess-free experience.

With stable water temperature key to brewing outstanding espresso, La Specialista’s Active Temperature Control with two separate heating systems ensure your extraction truly impresses while the Advanced Latte System ensures the tempature is always right for milk frothing. Featuring a dual heating structure that includes one dedicated heating system for steam and another high-performance Thermoblock for coffee, this means that the temperature is properly controlled for both espresso brewing and steaming milk. With three preset recipes for Espresso, Americano and Coffee, there’s also the highly customisable ‘My’ button to ensure your drink is served to your exact preferences.

You can be confident that the La Specialista coffee espresso machine is built for easy cleaning. Apart from the portafilter, the key parts such as the drip tray, is dishwasher safe and steam nozzle are removable for easy cleaning.

There’s no doubt that coffee devotees will experience unmatched satisfaction when brewing their espresso with La Specialista. With a premium, cafe-inspired stainless steel design and a masterful set of features, enjoying authentic espresso at home is easier and more delicious than ever.

Shop De’Longhi for Superior Home Espresso Machines 

Achieving a barista-quality coffee in the comfort of your home is made effortless with a world-class espresso machine from De’Longhi, plus a range of additional coffee machine accessories to level up the experience. It doesn’t matter which home espresso machine you choose – Active Line, Dedica or La Specialista – you can have complete confidence that your morning or afternoon coffee routine will be just as heavenly as it is convenient.

Bring the exquisite taste and aroma of Italian coffee into your home with an exceptional De’Longhi espresso machine. Across a refined selection of timeless designs that complement any space, the simple pleasure of sharing masterful espresso with friends and family has never tasted this good. Complete the experience with our in-house coffee beans and coffee machine accessories.

Shop the De’longhi range of coffee machines today or get in touch with our friendly customer service team or book an online appointment with one of our coffee experts to learn more about our products.


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