Pair Your New De'Longhi Coffee Machine With Our Top 5 Accessories

Pair Your New De'Longhi Coffee Machine With Our Top 5 Accessories

One of life’s greatest pleasures is waking up to a great cup of coffee, especially if it means having it at home. 

With De’Longhi coffee machines, the possibilities are endless, and all within your reach. Offering some of the most convenient coffee makers in history, we know what it takes to marry the passion for coffee with the latest technology. 

Whether you’re a beginner enthusiast or an expert connoisseur, De’Longhi coffee machines are designed to serve you the best cup, provided you have the right accessories to match.

If you imagine your single favourite cuppa from your go-to barista, chances are, with the right accessories, a De’Longhi coffee machine can get you the same. 

Still not convinced? Let’s take a look at some of the best accessories to pair with your coffee machine

For everyone’s use 


1. Coffee Bean Canister

It goes without saying that to make good coffee, you need fresh, high-quality coffee beans. Selecting your beans can be a matter of preference, but how one stores them is not. Coffee experts all around can agree that proper storage of beans is important to preserve their quality. A coffee bean canister makes this possible.


If you are looking for one, consider the Vacuum Sealed Coffee Beans Canister by De’Longhi. This coffee canister is opaque and vacuum-sealed air-tight, thereby ensuring your coffee beans are well protected from the harmful effects of oxidation. Designed to prolong the freshness of your coffee beans, the AA-battery-operated vacuum seal keeps them out of sunlight and reduces exposure to the air so that they stay aromatic and flavourful. 

The coffee bean canister also boasts a 1.5L volume. It can hold up to two standard-sized coffee bean bags  so you can mix beans of different varieties easily available in Singapore and arrive at a new, ingenious blend of coffee. 

Beyond coffee beans, you can store ground espresso coffee, coffee pods and filter coffee. As it comes with a detachable inner container, cleaning becomes easy!

Whether you own a fully automatic or a semi-automatic coffee machine, a coffee canister is a must-have accessory that will last you through ages, simply because you should always be using the freshest beans for the best cuppa. 


2. Cleaning Solution

Whether you’re new to coffee brewing or an experienced one, the upkeep of your coffee machines remains undeniably important. Regular use of your coffee machines can result in a buildup of calcium carbonate in the water which can clog up the internal components of your coffee machine. This could lead to higher electrical consumption or even a machine malfunction. In addition, the optimal brewing temperature of your coffee machine can be affected, leading to unpleasant-tasting coffee. Should your coffee begin to taste odd, you know it’s time for a thorough clean. 

This is why descaling is an important routine cleaning process for your bean to cup or pump espresso coffee machine. De’Longhi’s EcoDecalk Coffee Machine Descaler is a fast, powerful and eco-friendly cleaning solution that effectively removes calcium carbonate deposits from your coffee machine. 

Made with natural ingredients, it is designed to protect your coffee machine and the environment. It is 3 times more effective compared to traditional descalers. Depending on how often your coffee machine is used, it is recommended to descale your coffee machine every three to six months to keep it in optimal condition, so you can enjoy the best cuppa every morning. 

For serious coffee brewers


3. Milk Frothing Carafe 

A longtime coffee brewer understands that texture also plays a part in producing a stellar cup of coffee. Wherever milk is involved in brewing - be it cappuccino or a latte - steaming and frothing milk will offer your cuppa different textures for the palate, all to vary your coffee experience. 

Milk frothing is possible with any fully automated coffee machine at De’longhi. 

For coffee brewers who own the Dinamica Silver and Magnifica S Cappuccino fully automatic coffee machines, consider getting a milk frother, like the De’Longhi Milk Frothing Carafe. 

Owing to the brand promise to keep up with consumers’ needs, the De’Longhi Milk Frothing Carafe is an electric milk frother that is equipped to froth various types of milk, even plant-based ones from soy milk, almond milk to even rice milk. You are be able to produce dense and creamy milk froth with its LatteCrema system, up to 1.5 times the volume of milk. Plus, with its detachable feature, you can easily store the milk in the fridge. So consider using more than one milk frothing carafe to cater to  different dietary preferences of your family. 

The LatteCrema system is also equipped with a cleaning function that allows you to remove milk deposits and maintain the milk system with every use. 

This Milk Frothing Carafe is suitable for the Dinamica Silver ECAM350.75.S and Magnifica S Cappuccino ECAM23.460.S only. If you own the beautiful PrimaDonna Elite Experience ECAM650.85.MS or PrimaDonna S Evo ECAM510.55.M, you may consider the De’Longhi Thermal Milk Frothing Carafe

For use with other fully automatic coffee machines, get the Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Jug instead for manual frothing to your desired texture.. 


4. Coffee Tamper

A coffee tamper is a small essential barista tool when brewing espresso, used to pack coffee ground into the portafilter to get the best shot possible. Tamping is the act of compacting a bed of coffee to create a flat, even surface on the portafilter. When coffee grounds are tamped, pressurised water needs to force its way into the pile of ground coffee, as compared to if they were loosely placed. This allows the water to interact with the coffee grounds longer, creating an espresso shot with a fuller flavour. 

Ultimately, you want to compact it just enough to allow pressurized water to thoroughly wet and pass through all your coffee grounds, extracting the flavourful nuances of your coffee beans.An ideal coffee tamper is one that is not too heavy and has a diameter that perfectly fits  the size of your portafilter. The De’Longhi Professional Barista Coffee Tamper comes in the perfect size of 51mm, and is designed with a stainless steel base of heavyweight quality for an even tamp of coffee grounds. The high quality natural wood crafted to an ergonomic design ensures a good grip of the coffee tamper, allowing you to easily work on the coffee grounds

If you own any of our Dedica pump espresso coffee machines, this coffee tamper will be your trick to creating the best cup of espresso right at home.


5. Coffee Knock Box 

For baristas or anyone who had to make one too many espressos, the challenge of disposing and cleaning out your portafilter after every use is a well-known struggle. Removing the used coffee grounds can be a hassle, as they are wet, and very often, stuck inside the portafilter. You’d have to scoop out the debris and dispose of them, before rinsing the filter to remove any remaining coffee grounds. With a knock box, however, this task is infinitely easier. 

A knock box is a bucket-like container diagonally fit with a durable rubber knock bar. The latter allows you to remove used coffee grounds from the portafilter in just one or two smooth motions. After pulling an espresso shot, simply knock the portafilter against the rubber bar and the coffee grounds will fall into the knock box neatly. 

A coffee knock box will also contain the loose grounds of your exhausted coffee grounds and prevent it from spilling across your counter top or kitchen table of your home or office. This makes your coffee making session much more pleasant and cleaner one less the unnecessary mess. Plus, consider using the coffee grounds collected in your knock box as a natural fertiliser for your plants if you are into gardening. 

Whether you are a coffee lover or a professional barista,  the De’Longhi Stainless Steel Coffee Knock Box is an essential kit to your coffee arsenal. It is designed with a 45-degree angle opening and a 105mm diameter to hold your coffee grounds. The rubber base will also ease the disposal of coffee grounds by keeping the knock box in place. The stainless steel is polished with a sleek mirror finish to match the design of your De’Longhi coffee machines. 

So how do I choose the right coffee machine accessories

Choose coffee machine accessories based on your coffee brewing habits and experience level. Depending on whether you own a fully automatic coffee machine, or a semi-automatic one, the route you take to arrive at your favourite cuppa will differ. 

While there are some essentials, like cleaning your coffee machine, choosing the rest is a matter of enhancing your coffee-brewing or coffee-drinking experience. Try examining your own coffee habits, and hopefully you’ll discover which coffee machine accessories would help to make your coffee experience more enjoyable. 

There are drinkware accessories to complement your experience too. From STTOKE ceramic cups to double-walled thermal glasses, there are plenty to explore when you dive into the world of homemade coffee, whether you are in Singapore or anywhere else in the world. Bring that café experience home today!