All You Need to Know About De'Longhi Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

All You Need to Know About De'Longhi Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Enjoying exceptional coffee in the comfort of your own home is made incredibly convenient with a fully automatic coffee machine. Without any tricky equipment to master, all you have to do is press a couple of buttons to get world-class coffee flowing from the machine. With De'Longhi's easy-to-use range of bean to automatic coffee machines, you can relish barista-quality coffee that evokes Italian traditions whenever you feel so inclined.

These bean-to-cup coffee machines help users brew a plethora of espresso-based drinks with minimal fuss, meaning you won’t need to learn how to perfectly foam milk just to get the same delicious beverage that you buy from your favourite local cafe. But with different fully automatic coffee machines to choose from, picking the model that makes sense for your needs isn’t always straightforward.

This is why we have  made this helpful guide to ensure you understand the fundamental features of each De’Longhi coffee maker. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or buying an automatic machine for the first time, read on to find out which is the ideal one for your home.

In this guide, you will find a comprehensive comparison of fully automatic coffee machines from the entry models such as the Magnifica S or Magnifica S Smart, to the mid range of Dinamica Black, Dinamica Silver, Dinamica Plus and the top of the line that includes  the Maestosa, Primmadonna S Evo and Primmadonna Elite Experience.   

Why Choose A Fully Automatic De’Longhi Coffee Machine? 

When choosing the right coffee machine for your home, every individual coffee-lover must decide between a fully automatic or a semi-automatic pump espresso machine. But with the former taking charge of the entire coffee-making process, you enjoy your cuppa without any extra effort – a characteristic that is undoubtedly tempting for those who prefer their morning ritual to be as relaxing as possible.

Part of the appeal of automatic coffee makers is that there are no skills required to utilise their maximum potential. While other types of machines might require you to learn how to grind beans or tamp ground coffee, a fully automatic option makes these complex details a thing of the past. This sense of convenience is carried over into other aspects of the coffee-making process, as you just choose the recipe on the machine and sip your coffee with barely a moment’s notice. 

If you still need more convincing, the design of fully automatic coffee makers is also highly functional. With many machines combining everything needed for grinding, frothing and brewing, you do not  have to purchase additional equipment to prepare the perfect espresso whenever you want. This carefully designed form factor ensures your kitchen benchtop does not  become overrun with coffee accessories.

1. Magnifica Automatic Coffee Machines

If you are just starting your coffee journey and looking for convenience, an entry-level fully automatic coffee machine, the De’Longhi Magnifica range provides the perfect combination of simplicity and affordability.

De’Longhi Magnifica-S-automatic-coffee-machine

Magnifica S

Creating a delicious espresso is made simple with the De’Longhi Magnifica S automatic coffee machine. Designed for those who want to enjoy a cost-effective beverage without having to trek down to the local cafe, this bean-to-cup coffee machine offers a highly convenient one-touch recipe button so you can brew freshly made coffee exactly how you like it. Presenting a remarkably user-friendly experience, you can pre-programme the temperature, strength and length of your coffee to ensure you get your coffee in your hands as soon as possible. The Magnifica S also features a twin brewing cycle, meaning you can produce two sumptuous espresso shots in a single brew. 

In addition, the Fixed Cappuccino System makes it easy to create wonderfully dense foam, with the perfect ratio of steam and air being delivered to produce a delightful beverage. Inside, the high-quality conical steel grinders have 13 finely-tuned settings, ensuring you can grind your beans to the optimal coarseness. Meanwhile, the Magnifica S offers a range of handy features, including automatic shut-off, a height-adjustable coffee dispenser and a removable drip tray. With several dishwasher-safe components, this automatic coffee machine is never a hassle to keep clean.


Magnifica S Smart

If you like the sound of the Magnifica S, but want even more features, the sleek-looking Magnifica S Smart coffee machine is the next step up in this range of products. Its defining feature is four one-touch coffee recipes, including Espresso, 2x Espresso, Coffee and Long. In addition, the adjustable Cappuccino System makes it effortless to switch between foam and hot milk when preparing your drink. This ensures you can produce everything from a cappuccino to a caffe latte without any issues.

2. Dinamica Automatic Coffee Machines

Your barista-quality coffee at home is tastier than ever with the Dinamica automatic coffee machine range. With each model offering more features than the last, there are suitable options for every budget and desire.


Dinamica Black

The De'Longhi Dinamica Black coffee maker takes Magnifica’s specialities to even greater heights. With this ultra sleek machine, you can produce a range of traditional coffee beverages with absolute ease, thanks to dedicated backlit and soft-touch controls for Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Coffee and Long-style drinks. There are even in-depth personalisation options so you can determine your beverage's ideal aroma and temperature. 

The machine also comes with the De’Longhi Active Temperature Control that uses a water heating circuit and thermoblock technology to achieve the ideal temperature in milk texturing and coffee extraction. This means your favourite beverage hits the mark every time. Dinamica Black also has a Fixed Cappuccino System that allows you to produce wonderfully smooth and dense coffee foam that ensures your drink caters to your precise preferences. With your milk being infused with the perfect amount of steam and air, adding the finishing touch to a range of different coffee-based drinks is wonderfully rewarding. 

In fact, you can also use this system to produce hot water when you’d prefer a soothing tea or infusion. 

The De’Longhi Dinamica Black is also a breeze to keep clean, with a dishwasher-safe drip tray and a removable brewing unit that can be rinsed in the sink. This way, you’ll spend more time enjoying your coffee instead of maintaining your coffee machine.

De’Longhi Dinamica-Silver-automatic-coffee-maker

Dinamica Silver

Building upon the Dinamica Black’s outstanding foundations, the De’Longhi Dinamica Silver automatic coffee maker ensures you can produce flawless coffee with virtually no effort at all. The addition of an ultra-modern LatteCrema system lets the Dinamica Silver coffee machine take charge of the milk frothing process to ensure your drink is served with the optimum amount of aerated foam. Plus, this comprehensive system is compatible with alternative types of milk, such as soy and almond milk, and comes equipped with self-cleaning technology to make your life much easier.

The De’Longhi Dinamica Silver is also designed with greater customisation in mind. Featuring soft-touch buttons and a convenient LCD display, you can swiftly produce a range of traditional beverages, including Espresso, Coffee, Long, Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato and Hot Milk, among many other delicious recipes found in the Drink Menu. The Dinamica Silver also adds the My Menu section, where you can personalise up to 13 different types of drinks depending on your preferred strength, temperature and coffee-to-milk ratio.

De’Longhi Dinamica-Plus-coffee-machine

Dinamica Plus

If you love visiting your local cafe and admire that your barista always remembers your order, the De’Longhi Dinamica Plus coffee machine will leave you in awe as it offers this same level of service, with the Smart One Touch system listing your most commonly selected drinks in order. Displayed on a 3.5” TFT colour display, you will not have to waste time dialling in the settings, as this coffee maker showcases an undeniable sense of interactivity and functionality. 

The modern features do not stop there on the Dinamica Plus, as you can sync your coffee machine with your smartphone via the Coffee Link App. This dynamic feature enables you to remotely control your coffee maker, create new recipes and receive helpful advice about the wonders of high-quality coffee. 

Alongside the LatteCrema System and the ‘My’ functions that make the Dinamica Silver so pleasurable to use, this upgraded coffee machine includes the ability to have three separate user profiles, ensuring different members of your home can seamlessly access their favourite drinks. Meanwhile, Dinamica Plus also offers extra pre-programmed recipes, including Cappuccino+ and Doppio+. 

You can make the most of the Pot Coffee function too, which is ideal for those who love drip coffee, by purchasing a De’Longhi Glass Coffee Pot accessory.

3. PrimaDonna Automatic Coffee Machines

If you’re looking for a range of coffee machines that combine sophisticated technology with enduring Italian coffee-making traditions, De’Longhi PrimaDonna is where taste and refinement become one.

De’Longhi PrimaDonna-S-Evo-coffee-machine

PrimaDonna S Evo

Adding the De’Longhi PrimaDonna S Evo coffee machine to your home means you benefit from the high-end aesthetics that De’Longhi is renowned for. This top-notch coffee maker will fit in perfectly in even the most contemporary kitchen, featuring a sleek brushed metal design with elegant metallic styling. There is also a sharp LCD display and soft-touch buttons, making it resoundingly simple to navigate the menu, brew your beverage and use your machine completely stress-free.

Part of what makes PrimaDonna S Evo so delightful is how it utilises much of De’Longhi’s superb coffee-making technology. Alongside meticulous conical burr steel grinders, a dual heating system and a variable brewing unit, this coffee machine also offers a superior LatteCrema System and its double-walled thermal milk carafe. As this component keeps your milk at the ideal temperature for longer, you can be sure that the foam it produces for your cappuccino or latte achieves total perfection.

With the freedom to produce two espresso shots simultaneously due to a twin brewing cycle, the PrimaDonna S Evo's compatibility with the Coffee Line App ensures you can brew delicious cups of java without having to even touch your coffee machine. Alongside additional recipes such as Ristretto and Cappuccino Mix, enjoying your favourite type of coffee in the morning or afternoon is made simply magnificent.

De’Longhi PrimaDonna-Elite-Experience-coffee-machine

PrimaDonna Elite Experience Automatic Coffee Machine

If you’re looking to transform your morning with a first-class coffee maker, the De’Longhi PrimaDonna Elite Experience coffee machine is bound to impress even the most discerning of users. Featuring the very best of De’Longhi’s cutting-edge technology inside a refined metal structure, the PrimaDonna Elite Experience enables virtually unmatched customisation across the full spectrum of delicious espresso-based beverages. 

To fully utilise this innovative coffee-making technology, you can create up to six different user profiles. This way, every member of your household can easily customise all 18 drink recipes to their chosen preferences. The PrimaDonna Elite Experience also comes with a De’Longhi MixCarafe – a premium frothing jug that produces everything from hot chocolates and iced coffees to seductive espresso martinis. Plus, this adaptive coffee machine also adds an attachable steam wand, so you can have complete control over the milk frothing process whenever you like.

Alongside seamless connection to your coffee machine via the Coffee Link App, the PrimaDonna Elite Experience is equipped with a 4.3” TFT colour touch-screen to help users quickly browse and brew. This superior at-home coffee maker also incorporates a range of self-cleaning functions, including automatic carafe cleaning, to ensure your downtime is savoured the right way.

De’Longhi Maestosa-fully-automatic-coffee-machine

4. Maestosa Automatic Coffee Machine

The De’Longhi Maestosa fully automatic coffee machine is the culmination of the company’s 120-year-long history, with our talented engineers pouring their hearts and souls into this streamlined device to deliver a new standard for home coffee-making. Starting with a design that recalls the great Italian coffee bars, this contemporary coffee maker offers an elegant high-gloss front made from black mirrored glass. Meanwhile, the sides of the Maestosa are finished with contrasting stainless steel in a delicate striped pattern.

Looking beyond the aesthetics, the De’Longhi Maestosa showcases genuine engineering brilliance. This begins with the inclusion of two independent bean containers, allowing individual users to choose which coffee beans are most suited to their beverage. Using enhanced Adaptive Grinding Technology with 13 adjustable levels, these beans are then fed into two separate electronically controlled grinders, which provide exquisite taste and aroma time and time again.

The inclusion of a 5" TFT colour display makes choosing your favourite beverage better than ever, with this screen able to be tilted for greater interactivity. Here, you can select the strength and length of your coffee, while also creating new recipes from the ground up. Alongside the easy-to-use Coffee Link App, brewing an outstanding coffee for yourself and guests with the De’Longhi Maestosa is a truly unmatched experience. 

This is only exemplified by the fact that the Maestosa has a double coffee outlet and milk dispenser. This special feature means you can brew two milk-based coffees at the same time, helping you get ready for work or relax on the couch sooner. As the height of this coffee outlet is easily adjustable, you can slot in a tall glass and brew without hesitation. With the De’Longhi Maestosa fully automatic coffee machine, you can relish everything that makes authentic Italian coffee so celebrated.

Shop De’Longhi for Superior Home Coffee Machines

If you want to enjoy a barista-quality coffee at home with minimal fuss, selecting a De’Longhi fully automatic coffee machine is the perfect choice. With a range of premium coffee makers to suit every kind of budget and need, relishing your hot beverage in the morning or evening just got better.

Supported by De’Longhi’s unrivalled reverence for Italian coffee-making traditions, our automatic coffee machines help you bring these qualities into the comfort of your home. With a series of modern designs to choose from, you will not have a problem finding a world-class coffee machine that produces the same incredible flavour and aroma that you get from your favourite cafe. Topped with our stellar selection of coffee beans as well as coffee accessories should you ever need them, nothing will come in your way when you prepare for yourself a luxurious cup of java.

Shop the range today or get in touch with our friendly coffee expert team to learn more about our fully automatic coffee makers.