Blue Flower Ceramic Cup 300ml - Drinkware - COFFEE


The double-wall mug is made of ceramic and has thermal insulating properties, making sure that your drink is kept at an ideal temperature be it warm or cold. Handcrafted in multiple attractive designs, the mug is perfect for any occasion.


The blue flower reflects one who is gentle, elegant, and poise, that is leading a purposeful life while enjoying what you truly do. Always choosing quality over quantity.


  • Handmade
  • Double Ceramic Wall with thermal insulating properties
  • Silicon Lid to maintain the freshness of beverages.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe
  • Suitable for making cappuccino, long and an americano with a capacity of 300ml (10oz)


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SGD 25.00



  *Coffee Machine featured in the video is Dinamica Plus ECAM370.95.T  



Integrate diverse senses of scent, sight, and touch to elevate your coffee experience. With each sip, your senses will be piqued.

Delonghi blue flower ceramic cup 300ml DLSC064 feature 1 product image with packaging



Equipped with thermal insulating properties, where it is made of a double-wall mug. Imagine the warmth of the cup of hot coffee with each drink and the aroma that fills your nose with each breath.

Delonghi blue flower ceramic cup 300ml DLSC064 feature 2 product image alone

Each cup represents your individuality and attributes. The 300ml capacity is the perfect size to keep your caffeine cravings satisfied to begin a productive day.


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Delonghi blue flower ceramic cup 300ml DLSC064 feature 3 lifestyle image with the other ceramic cup designs




Technical Data
Capacity (l) 0.3
Blade material ceramic
Colour Blue
Lid Silicone


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