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*Note: This is a 10ml vial. If you prefer a full-sized product, use the Eco MultiClean Solution 250ml for more convenient usage and maintenance.

The De'Longhi Eco MultiClean is a multi-functional solution designed for deep cleansing of the milk circuit to keep the milk carafes hygienic and properly sanitised.

  • Keeps your coffee machine in excellent condition to ensure the best coffee quality.
  • Removes hardened milk protein deposits, and fats from milk carafes and degreases steam arms.
  • Multi-functional usage, suitable for wiping all surfaces of the coffee machine.
  • Suitable for all pump espresso machine milk frother nozzles, milk frothers and fully automatic coffee machine's LatteCrema systems.

To clean, simply pour 10ml of Eco MultiClean solution into the LatteCrema system and choose the 'clean' function, and wipe the steam nozzles of your pump coffee machine. To wipe, simple dispense a small amount of solution into a cloth and wipe the surface of your coffee machine. 

For overall maintenance of your coffee machine, use the EcoDecalk coffee machine descaler.

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 *Note: The product in the video is the [Eco MultiClean Solution 250ml] for reference.  


For coffee machines with milk frothing systems such as the LatteCrema system and Cappuccino system, you may notice some milk deposits building up in the milk carafe and steam tubes after repeated usage. It is important to keep the LatteCrema system clean to avoid contamination, which may affect your beverage’s taste and aroma.

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The De’Longhi Eco MultiClean solution is designed specifically to help you remove any milk deposits in the milk carafe and steam tubes.


It is also suitable for wiping milk splatters on the surfaces of machines to avoid hardened milk stains over time.

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The Eco MultiClean solution should be used once every month, during your monthly coffee machine maintenance. Each use would require only 10ml of solution. If you prefer to use it for multiple usages and also for external maintenance of your coffee machine as well, consider the [Eco MultiClean Solution 250ml] bottle for convenience. 

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