Coffee: Flavours of Indonesia

From Bali Kintamani to Mandheling, there’s much to explore and savour in the world of Indonesian coffee. The culture behind Indonesia’s coffees is much like the colours on an artist’s palette: each region has single-origin coffees that exhibit vibrant and distinctive tasting notes.

Coffee in Indonesia

Indonesia has a storied love affair with coffee, which dates back to the early Dutch colonial period in the late 1600s and early 1700s. The Dutch imported coffee seedlings and established plantations throughout the major islands. Although Indonesia is today one of the world’s largest coffee producers, the archipelago nation gets little recognition for its high-quality Arabica coffees. Its location along the Ring of Fire gives Indonesia the ideal micro-climate conditions to cultivate complex, specialty Arabica coffees on its fertile mountain and volcanic slopes. If you love coffee, continue reading to get acquainted with some of Indonesia’s most popular varieties.

Kintamani, Bali

[caption id="attachment_6652" align="alignnone" width="2500"]The rolling hills of Mount Batur, a volcano on the island of Bali. The rolling hills of Mount Batur, a volcano on the island of Bali.[/caption] Bali Kintamani coffee is typically grown in the fertile volcanic soil of Mount Batur, in the island’s central Kintamani region. The volcanic activity in Kintamani also gives rise to natural spas and hot springs that are po
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