1. 9 Ways to Be a More Eco-Friendly Coffee Drinker

    9 Ways to Be a More Eco-Friendly Coffee Drinker

    In celebration of the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, let’s take small steps toward becoming a more sustainable coffee drinker to ensure our coffee cup stays full well into the future.

    Here are 9 easy ways to get started:

    Support Responsible Growers

    Take a closer look at the label on your coffee beans as it tells you all you need to know about its origins.

    If you want peace of mind knowing that your coffee beans were sustainably grown or ethically sourced, look for certifications such as Fair Trade Certified, USDA Organic, and Rainforest Alliance.

    Purchasing coffee beans like these help enterprises dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and fair working conditions.

    By choosing organic coffee, for instance, you are consuming chemical-free coffee that’s made by farmers who focus on the use of renewable resources.

    Go Local

    Delicious artisan brews, a homely atmosphere, and an economic boost for the local community – there are plenty of great reasons to support your local independent coffee shop.

    Think of the environmental impact of your regular coffee spot, too. After all, a small local business like a coffee shop is likely to have a smaller carbon footprint than larger chains.

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  2. 5 Reasons Why Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines are the Best Home Investment

    5 Reasons Why Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines are the Best Home Investment

    Bean-to-cup coffee machines are one of the best investments coffee lovers can make. There’s truly nothing better, fresher, or smoother than a cup of coffee made from one of these easy-to-use machines. Need more convincing? Here are five reasons why you should own one.

    1. Simple — No Training Required

    [caption id="attachment_11538" align="alignnone" width="970"]pressing a button on a coffee machine A bean-to-cup coffee machine is an all-in-one machine that's easy to operate. Featuring the De’Longhi PrimaDonna S Evo. Photo from De’Longhi.[/caption] What sets a bean-to-cup coffee machine apart from a traditional espresso machine is that it’s a fully automated machine. It functions like a conventional coffee machine and it also does what a barista would normally do manually. All the pro tasks are done for you at the touch of a button, such as putting the beans through the grinder, pressing them down the portafilter, operating the espresso machine, and if you prefer your coffee with milk, steaming and frothing the milk. With a bean-to-cup coffee machine, you won’t have to go for intensive training to learn all these steps. You also won’t need to own multiple devices because functions such as grinding, extraction, and even milk-steaming are all built into just one machine. Still weighing your options? Here are the
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