Making The Perfect Cup of Coffee with a Drip Coffee Maker

From the trusty automatic coffee machine to hands-on methods such as the French press, there are many trendy ways to brew coffee at home. But coffee drinkers know that a drip coffee maker is a classic when it comes to coffee brewing: it produces robust, flavour-intensive coffee in large quantities. If instant coffee is not your go-to beverage, but you don’t want to be tamping and frothing, a drip coffee maker is a simple and affordable option. Let’s dive deeper into what a drip coffee maker is and how to perfect that cup of coffee.

What is a Drip Coffee Maker and Why You Should Get It

Drip brewing lends itself well to highlighting the flavour complexity of a coffee. As it relies on gravity to extract coffee from the coffee grounds, the hot water extracts coffee oils and solubles that accentuate delicate taste notes and aromas. Many confuse pour-overs with drip coffee as they share the same mechanics. However, with drip coffee makers, you don’t have to dedicate time attending to your brew. Plus, you get to enjoy the convenience and proficiency of a drip coffee maker’s technology that enhances the taste of your coffee. Making coffee with a drip coffee maker is a rewarding experience without the hassle. Just pour water into the reservoir, fill up the coffee grounds, press a button, then let the machine work its magic. The end result? A delicious cup (or rather, cups) of coffee that starts your day on a perfect note.

Use Fresh Coffee Grounds

[caption id="attachment_10773" align="alignnone" width="1999"]pouring ground coffee into a a drip coffee maker Use freshly-ground beans to ensure a more flavourful and aromatic b
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