Why the New La Specialista Is a Coffee Connoisseur’s Machine
Designed and created in the home of the espresso, Italy, find out why the De’longhi La Specialista is a dream come true for coffee connoisseurs. Whether you are a novice home barista or an experienced one, this semi-automatic coffee machine is a perfect combination of technology and craft. From bean to cup, enjoy full control of your coffee-making experience while the inbuilt advanced barista technology controls each variable for a flawless brew. Unbox your brand new La Specialista with us: https://youtu.be/XAunxzoVEfk Shop now, from SGD1,199.

Sensor Grinding Technology

[caption id="attachment_6156" align="alignnone" width="2437"]adjusting the coffee ground fineness knob on a coffee machine Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting the coffee ground fineness and dosage according to your preference.[/caption] For that exquisite shot of espresso, it boils down to perfecting the grind size. La Specialista’s Integrated Sensor Grinder doesn’t only ground beans with absolute precision, but also a consistent and optimal dose each time. With 6 grind settings, you can customise the grinding level and adjust the amount of espresso to be brewed for your chosen coffee beverage. With the bean sensor, you will never run out of beans while grinding midway.

Smart Built-in Tamping System

[caption id="attachment_6159" align="alignnone" width="2496"]tamping coffee grounds in a portafilter The smart built-in tamping system applies an optimum pressure to compact coffee grounds for the perfect extraction.[/caption] Tamping creates a bed of grounds with even density to ensure a consistent flavour extraction. The smart tamping system has been built with a pressure limiter of approximately 19-20kg, which is the ideal value for espresso brewing. Press down the arm on the machine without having to worry about applying an inconsistent tamping pressure or getting an imperfect coffee puck.

Temperature Control Technology

[caption id="attachment_6160" align="alignnone" width="2420"]espresso being extracted from a coffee machine The smart temperature control technology ensures optimal water temperature to guarantee a flawless extraction.[/caption] Brewing a delicious and rich cup of coffee is all about balancing the variables. One of the least considered yet most important variables is temperature control. With La Specialista’s temperature control technology, precise water temperature is maintained throughout the brewing process to guarantee a perfect extraction. The dual independent heating system heats up coffee and milk simultaneously, saving you time while ensuring both ingredients are heated ideally.

Advanced Latte System

[caption id="attachment_6163" align="alignnone" width="2499"]placing a coffee machine's steam wand into a milk jug Just place the steam wand in a milk frothing pitcher and the advanced latte system will create a velvety foam for your brew.[/caption] A classic cappuccino is judged by perfect proportions of espresso, silky smooth steamed milk, and a creamy layer of foamed milk. With the advanced latte system and inbuilt steam wand, you can steam and froth milk at home with ease. Depending on the coffee beverage you are making, select “flat” to steam milk without frothing it or choose “foam” to get a beautiful microfoam froth perfect for cappuccino or lattes.

Mess-free Preparation and Cleaning

[caption id="attachment_6166" align="alignnone" width="2460"]parts of a coffee machine laid out on a table With multiple detachable components, cleaning the La Specialista after each use is a breeze.[/caption] Maintaining the La Specialista’s shiny exterior is fuss-free as spills and stains can be easily wiped off. To clean the bean hopper, drip tray, and water reservoir, simply detach to wash. After each use, just press the “rinse” button and the machine will run hot water through the brewing unit and steam wand to ensure pesky minerals don’t build up within the interior. Like all coffee machines, regular descaling is paramount to prolonging its lifespan. But don’t worry about remembering when was the last time you descaled the La Specialista as its descaling light will prompt you.

Personalised Beverages

[caption id="attachment_6168" align="alignnone" width="2499"]multiple coffee beverages placed in front of a coffee machine From coffee to tea or milk, the La Specialista provides a personalised coffee experience.[/caption] Designed for versatility, the La Specialista offers 3 pre-set recipes - espresso, coffee, and long black. Get your creative juices flowing as the “MY” button function allows you to customise the length of each preset recipe and save it for future use. Moreover, the separate hot water dispensing spout is perfect for adding more water to your Americano or making a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Regardless if it's a coffee beverage or not, recipe possibilities are endless with the La Specialista - it’s your choice, your taste. Shop now, from SGD1,199.