What Is A Pump Espresso Machine and How Does It Work
If you’ve been browsing through coffee machines, you probably would have come across the term “pump espresso machine”. What is a pump espresso machine, and how does it work? Read on as we introduce you to the wonderful world of pump espresso machines.

Pump Espresso Machines 101

Before we dive deep into what a pump espresso machine is and how it helps you brew aromatic cups of coffee, it is essential to understand what espresso is. From beans to powder to a rich cup of strong, black coffee with crema on top. Photo by Andres Vera.otos/Z-apxrhWuW8 An espresso is a type of strong, black coffee made by pushing hot water through coffee beans ground into a powdery form. In the strictest sense, a pump espresso machine uses a pump mechanism to deliver high pressure, which helps in extracting top-quality espresso out of your ground coffee. You can also make espresso using a non-pump machine, such as putting a mako pot on a stovetop, which creates steam pressure to extract the espresso. [caption id="attachment_20669" align="aligncenter" width="986"]brewing coffee with a mocha pot on the stovetop Brewing coffee using a moka pot on a stovetop. Photo from Eric BARBEAU.[/caption] However, most non-pump espresso machines can only give you a maximum of 1-1.5 bars of pressure, rather than the 9 bars of pressure required to extract an authentic espresso. While non-pump machines can make decent shots of espresso, you may not experience the complex and full-bodied taste that commercial-grade espresso machines are known to produce. As for pump espresso machines, reaching 9 bars of pressure—or more—is precisely what they’re made for, thanks to the powerful electric pump housed inside. In fact, some baristas recommend using 15 bars of pressure for the best espresso. Pump espresso machines come in various sizes. There are slim ones that can extract one cup of espresso each time, or slightly broader ones that can do two. The bulky commercial-grade espresso machines that you see in cafes are essentially pump espresso machines but with extra features. These allow the barista to control specific parts of the brewing process to produce the exact cup of espresso desired.

The Anatomy of a Pump Espresso Machine

What are the basic machine parts that all pump espresso machines have? A basic model will have a water tank which the user must fill up. (More advanced machines can be connected directly to the waterline.) This is an important feature of pump espresso machines, which can also heat water to the optimal temperature range of 90-96°Celsius. Water temperature in the brewing process is critical as it affects the acidity and how bitter your espresso will turn out. A good machine will also be able to heat the water fast so that you’re not kept waiting too long in the morning for your caffeine dose. [caption id="attachment_20663" align="aligncenter" width="800"]espresso coming out of a portafilter To a coffee lover, espresso is liquid gold. Photo from Blake Verdoon.[/caption] Another key component of a pump espresso machine is the filter and filter holder, where you’ll pack your ground coffee for extraction. Lastly, many pump espresso machines also sport a water spout. This lets you steam or froth milk to make yourself a cup of latte or other refreshing milk-based coffee drinks.

Who is a Pump Espresso Machine Designed For?

Pump espresso machines are great for coffee aficionados who are particular about the quality of their espresso. They find joy and inspiration in savouring a delicious cup of aromatic coffee and fancy making handcrafted espresso-based drinks in their kitchens. [caption id="attachment_20672" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]De’Longhi Dedica Metallics in Mesmerising Azure pump espresso machine in minimalist kitchen The De’Longhi Dedica Metallics in Mesmerising Azure is a pump espresso machine that comes in an iridescent glittering metallic blue, complementing your home interiors seamlessly. Photo from Photo from De’Longhi.[/caption] As pump espresso machines are often statement pieces, people who love style and decor will also appreciate the elevated, cafe-like feel that the machine brings into a home. Even if your kitchen has limited space, there are compact machines that will be worth the real estate on your countertop.

Top Quality Homemade Espresso With Dedica Metallics

[caption id="attachment_20675" align="aligncenter" width="1022"]De’Longhi’s all-new Dedica Style Pump Espresso Machines in Champagne Beige Featuring De’Longhi’s all-new Dedica Style Pump Espresso Machines, available in two stylish shades — Mesmerising Azure and Champagne Beige. Photo from De’Longhi.[/caption] To recap, a pump espresso machine generates pressure and shoots near-boiling water through your ground coffee beans to deliver perfect espresso with a rich aroma and nut-coloured crema on top. At De’Longhi, one of our best-selling pump-espresso machines for households is the Dedica Style. Its ultraslim 6” wide design makes it perfect for placing it on your kitchen countertop at home for quality coffee any time of the day. We’ve just introduced two new metallic colours to breathe more luxe and charm into your home. Our brand new Dedica Metallics range features the same user-friendly controls and ultraslim design as our best-selling Dedica Style range. Designed following years of research, these pump espresso machines boast technologies that help you extract the perfect espresso shot for quality coffee in the comforts of your own home.

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