5 Coffee Machines for Every Modern Home
People often say the kitchen is the heart of a home. And if you love coffee, it’s essential to choose the right coffee machine to make your kitchen an even more agreeable living space. No matter the size or style of your kitchen, we have suggestions on which statement coffee machine to pick. Conveniently enjoy access to delicious, homemade coffee, which you can share with your family and friends whenever they come over. Check out our top recommendations below based on your kitchen type.

Small Kitchen, No Problem

[caption id="attachment_20045" align="alignnone" width="1999"]a coffee machine placed on a kitchen countertop Compact, stylish, and functional - the Dedica Style is perfect for small kitchens, saving space for other kitchen equipments. Photo from De’Longhi.[/caption] Got a small kitchen? It doesn’t mean having to write off having a coffee machine. Your kitchen real estate is precious, so you’ll want a compact but high-performance machine. Check out the Dedica Style—it’s a pump espresso machine that is only 15cm wide, yet it packs a punch. Pump espresso machines work by using an electronic pump to drive right-temperature water through the brew chamber and into a bed of coffee. With an electronic pump, you can expect consistent 15 bar pressure that gives you an espresso with a rich aroma and nut-coloured crema on top. Perfection. Available in multiple colours, all with a stylish finish, this coffee machine doubles up as a beautiful piece on your countertop. Shop now from SGD469 or MYR1,399.

Large Family Kitchen: Big Space, Bigger Expectations

[caption id="attachment_20057" align="alignnone" width="1999"]a drip coffee machine placed on a kitchen countertop A reliable drip coffee maker such as the De’Longhi Clessidra ensures that the whole family gets a perfect cup of brew any time of the day. Photo from De’Longhi.[/caption] While your large family kitchen may have generous space, the demands on it are also high. It’s where you need to do extensive batch cooking, store a vast collection of kitchenware and make space for your kids to do homework while you prepare family meals. This arrangement means you don’t necessarily have room for a big coffee maker, yet you also need something that can churn multiple cups of coffee, pronto! Meet the Clessidra, De’Longhi’s top-selling drip coffee machine. Drip coffee, or filter coffee, is made by pouring hot water over ground coffee contained in a filter. With Clessidra, automated pulses cleverly mimic a manual pour-over method. The result? More intense and aromatic flavours in your coffee. Delectable. The Clessidra easily makes up to 10 cups of coffee, so you never have to fight over coffee with your family members. And you can quickly serve delicious coffee to a group of guests without any brewing bottlenecks or stress. Shop now from SGD199 or MYR599.

Smart Kitchen, Let’s Connect!

[caption id="attachment_20048" align="alignnone" width="1999"]a coffee machine placed on a kitchen countertop Coffee, tea, or both? A smart, fully automatic coffee machine like the Dinamica Plus brews all your favourite beverages at the touch of a button. Photo from De’Longhi.[/caption] If you love coffee and technology, you’ll love that some of De’Longhi’s coffee machines connect to our custom Coffee Link app. Customise your coffee through your smartphone and have our app save your personal preferences and favourite brew settings. Plug in our Dinamica Plus, one of our favourite bean-to-cup coffee machines that lets you experience the best in-cup experience. It enables you to choose your desired aroma, temperature and quantity and does all the work for you. Its high-tech LatteCrema system handles the tricky milk frothing process, so you don’t have to worry about any details. Effortlessly play barista for your loved ones and serve them coffee precisely the way they love it—they’ll thank you for being such a thoughtful host. Shop now from SGD2,299 or MYR5,999.

Large Luxury Kitchen: Endless Possibilities

[caption id="attachment_20060" align="alignnone" width="2000"]a coffee machine placed on a kitchen countertop The La Specialista Prestigio sits like a masterpiece on any kitchen countertop. Photo from De’Longhi.[/caption] If you’ve got the space for a large luxury kitchen, you’ll have the space for our top-performing statement pieces that will surely get your guests talking. Love the barista experience? Then the La Specialista Prestigio is perfect for you. It’s our latest innovative manual coffee machine for the passionate coffee lover who wants to brew artisanal coffee for themselves and their loved ones. Using our latest innovative technology, La Specialista Prestigio gives you a high degree of control and personalisation at every stage of the bean-to-cup process. Shop now from SGD1,599 or MYR4,499. [caption id="attachment_20054" align="alignnone" width="1999"]a coffee machine placed on a kitchen countertop Transform your coffee experience into an art form with the PrimaDonna Elite. Photo from De’Longhi.[/caption] Time-pressed but will pause for great coffee? Then the sleekly designed PrimaDonna Elite is the automatic machine that will fit right into your luxury kitchen. Choose from an extensive drink recipe menu to enjoy professional-quality coffee right in your home. Its user-friendly interface also connects to our Coffee Link app, making barista-grade, bean-to-cup coffee even more convenient for you. With an intuitive, colour LCD screen, you can thrill your guests by letting them operate the coffee machine themselves, even if it’s their first time. With a silent coffee grinder and an automatic milk frother, the PrimaDonna Elite will surely delight everyone. Shop now from SGD3,799 or MYR10,999.

Need More Guidance?

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