5 Awesome Arabica Roasts to Try From Around the World
Do you like your cup of coffee super caffeinated for that extra kick? Is that strong, nutty, earthy flavour important, or do you prefer fruity, slightly more delicate notes? How you answer questions like that will determine which team you’re on: Arabica or Robusta. If you’re in the camp of “less caffeine” and “light and sweet” tasting notes, then consider picking up these five awesome Arabica roasts, available in either (or both) Singapore and Malaysia. Don’t have a coffee machine just yet? Explore our range of De’Longhi coffee machines for top-notch, cafe-quality java, just the way you like it.

Aceh Gayo Arabica

[caption id="attachment_17604" align="alignnone" width="2560"]coffee beans The Aceh Gayo Arabica is lauded for its aromatic floral taste that delivers a bright and pleasant mouthfeel. Photo from JJ Royal.[/caption] Straight from the Gayo Plateau in Northern Sumatra, Aceh Gayo Arabica is a specialty-grade Indonesian coffee that gives you a balanced, medium-bodied drink. It is bright, strong, floral, and complex, all at the same time. In finely-ground form, you can make a really rich, chocolatey espresso that’s guaranteed to perk you right up. Get the Aceh Gayo Arabica at SGD28 for a 500g pack. Sign up for De’Longhi Rewards to enjoy 15% off when a minimum of two items are purchased from JJ Royal Coffee!


[caption id="attachment_17601" align="alignnone" width="2560"]an endangered gorilla in the forest Engagi beans are harvested from the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, which is home to endangered mountain gorillas. Photo from Max Christian.[/caption] Engagi means “gorilla”, which stems from the local Rukiga language in which the beans are grown. Engagi beans are sourced from the mountainous countryside surrounding Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s home to half the world's population of highly endangered mountain gorillas. These lands are renowned for having some of the most fertile volcanic soils on the planet. Laced with Gula Melaka Arack, this special edition Engagi is made in collaboration with Singaporean distillery Compendium and boasts tasting notes such as cherry brandy, dark raisin, malt, and plum. Get the Engagi at SGD30 for 300g per pack. Sign up for De’Longhi Rewards to enjoy 15% off all coffee products with a minimum spend of SGD50!

Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca Tirra

[caption id="attachment_17607" align="alignnone" width="1000"]a bag of coffee beans The Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca Tirra (Washed) gives a note of lime, bergamot, candied cedar and peach. Photo from Mister Coffee.[/caption] It’s time to head to the wilds of Central America. Labelled a “traceable” coffee, the Costa Rica Tarrazu Finca Tirra is a good fairtrade product if you are (and as much as possible, you should) serious about supporting a “green” coffee supply chain, where farmers are recognised and compensated fairly for their produce. This particular option from Mister Coffee features notes of lime, bergamot, candied cedar, and peach. A 250g whole bean bag starts from RM62. Sign up for De’Longhi Rewards to enjoy 15% off all coffee products when you spend a minimum of RM60!

Sara Sumatra

[caption id="attachment_17610" align="alignnone" width="960"]a can of coffee beans Parchmen & Co roasts quality coffee beans in small batches to ensure consistency in every cup. Photo from Parchmen & Co.[/caption] Sumatran coffee is making a comeback, thanks to the efforts of new generation farmers in the region. The Sara Sumatra is sourced from the Permata Regency Highlands of Aceh, Indonesia. Semi-washed, it’s grown between an altitude of 1,360 to 1,550 metres above sea level, and makes for a fruit, chocolatey cup with a medium body. Purchase a 250g whole bean bag for SGD16. Sign up for De’Longhi Rewards to enjoy 12% of all speciality coffee.

Costa Rica Don Claudio

[caption id="attachment_17613" align="alignnone" width="2560"]a bag of coffee beans The Don Claudio from Coffee Collective is a seasonal pick, with harvests occurring only during the peak of its season. Photo from Coffee Collective.[/caption] Malaysian coffee company Coffee Collective carries the unique Costa Rica Don Claudio, which is grown at altitudes between 1,500 to 2,000 metres above sea level and features a pleasant green apple acidity. Expect flavours that are reminiscent of melon, jackfruit, and even cashew (the latter hits at the end). A 250g whole bean pack is going for RM60. Sign up for De’Longhi Rewards to enjoy 10% off store-wide.