How Coffee Cups Can Change the Taste of Your Brew

There are few things in this world better than a delicious cup of coffee — with all its accentuated flavour notes, distinct aroma, and the satisfying mouthfeel and aftertaste that lingers upon your tongue. However, unbeknownst to many, there are also numerous things that can get in the way between you and a flawless brew. 

While having the best coffee machine definitely helps, there are still devils to be found in the smallest details, such as whether you’re using premium coffee beans or low-quality ones and if you’re utilising your various barista tools in the right way. But of all the little things that can make for huge differences, one of the biggest areas neglected by coffee-lovers worldwide remains using the right coffee cups to accomplish perfect-tasting brews.

Why Coffee Cups Make a Difference

The average coffee mug used by many in Singapore is designed with only one thing in mind. Unfortunately, that sole focus is not enhancing the flavours of your coffee, but instead, merely acting as a safe vessel for serving generic hot liquids. Despite that, extensive research has long proven that using the right coffee cups or mugs plays an important role in optimising the sensory experience of drinking coffee, with influencing factors such as:

  • The effect of the coffee cup’s shape and size on a brew’s aroma; through headspace, tilt angle, and diffusion of aromatic particles.
  • The effect of the coffee cup’s shape on a brew’s perceived flavour; through heat retention and liquid surface area.
  • The effect of the coffee cup’s material on temperature stability, comfort when drinking, durability, and overall taste.

At De’Longhi Singapore, we commit to not just offering the best coffee machines and home and kitchen appliances but also everything else you need to enjoy consistently great coffee every day. That is why our diverse range of coffee cups havs been specially designed to bring out the best in each brew, taking into consideration the different tastes and preferences of our customers:

Glass Coffee Cups

Glass coffee cups make for the perfect vessels for cappuccino, latte macchiato, and espresso coffee. At De’Longhi, we produce some of the best double walled glasses for coffee that can enrich the drinking experience. Some major advantages of using De’Longhi’s double walled glass coffee cups include:

  • Visual Appeal — Transparent, sleek, and attractive, De’Longhi glass coffee cups allow you to fully appreciate how your coffee looks as you prepare, serve, and drink it.
  • Taste Purity — Using glass coffee cups can help you retain the purest form of your brew after preparation since there is nothing permeating the taste of your coffee, as no chemical coating is required to make and finish glass. 
  • High Durability — Made from hand-blown premium quality borosilicate, our double walled glasses are tough and can bear the brunt of high temperatures without damage. Their resistance against friction also means that our glass coffee cups aren’t susceptible to wear and tear despite frequent cleaning. 
  • Temperature Resistant — While orthodox glass coffee cups aren’t as temperature resistant as coffee ceramic mugs, our double walled glasses are equipped with thermal properties that ensure your coffee is kept warm or cold for longer periods of time. 

At De’Longhi, we offer the following glass coffee cups for sale:

Coffee Ceramic Mugs

For coffees that contain a lot of milk, coffee ceramic mugs are likely your best choice for the simple fact that it allows for more room to add your desired amount of milk, along with the below-listed suite of beneficial properties:

  • Visual Appeal — Coffee ceramic mugs allow for more expressive designs and glazes that can make your coffee-drinking experience much more enjoyable. 
  • Taste Purity — As coffee ceramic mugs are made from solid and neutral material, they neither impart nor absorb flavours, leaving your coffee to taste as it should just as with double walled glasses. 
  • Temperature Resistant — Thermal insulating properties of coffee ceramic mugs can help you keep your coffee warm (or cold) for longer periods of time, such that you can retain its inherent aroma and flavours and enjoy your beverage throughout the day the way it was made.  

At De’Longhi, we offer the following coffee ceramic mugs for sale:

Porcelain and Stainless Steel Coffee Cups

While made from a type of ceramic, porcelain coffee cups feature a finer, smoother texture and are often fancier in design and make. They feature the same benefits as coffee ceramic mugs but with added durability and style. 

As for stainless steel coffee cups, they mostly lose out to their glass, ceramic, and porcelain counterparts. When it comes to taste purity and visual appeal, they lack in make up for unrivalled durability, greater portability, and better temperature resistance for having your coffee on-the-go. 

At De’Longhi, we offer the following porcelain and stainless steel coffee cups:

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