The Long-Awaited 11.11 Sale is Finally Here at De’Longhi SG

Celebrate Singles Day with the best 11.11 sales at De’Longhi Singapore this November. Enjoy amazing deals and discounts alongside exclusive promotions on all your favourite coffee machines and home appliances at De’Longhi. However, sale prices are only applicable while stocks last, so be sure to get your orders ready in time for a quick check-out during the De’Longhi 11.11 sale! 

Coffee Essentials You’ll Never Fall Out of Love With

Coffee machines have become a staple in many Singapore homes, offering a convenient way to make coffee while also allowing people to enjoy consistently great-tasting cups of goodness just the way they like them. If you don’t already own one, however, there’s no better time to change that than on the upcoming Singles Day! With the great deals and promotions available at our 11.11 sale, you can bring home your very own De’Longhi coffee machine that never fails to satisfy you, and enjoy all-time access to gourmet coffee right in the comforts of your own abode. 

Fully automatic coffee machines, pump espresso coffee machines, drip coffee machines, electric moka pots, coffee bean grinders, and more — we have it all here at De’Longhi Singapore’s 11.11 sale. In short, there’s something perfect for every coffee connoisseur, no matter your tastes and preferences. So, explore our full range of coffee essentials at De’Longhi and perhaps even grab yourself some premium coffee beans or commercial-grade barista tools for a fuller experience.

Shop De’Longhi Singapore’s coffee essentials this Single’s Day at our 11.11 sale!

Enjoy Clean Air Everywhere with Our Dehumidifiers & Air Purifiers

Beat the humidity in Singapore and enjoy freshness at all times with dehumidifiers and air purifiers from De’Longhi Singapore. Remove all inhibitions during this 11.11 sale, and grab yourself a dehumidifier that makes for the perfect addition to your home. Our dehumidifiers also double up as air purifiers, offering continual whiffs of fresh air for your enhanced comfort. Improve air quality, reduce potential mould issues, and ensure healthy skin, all with a single appliance. 

Shop De’Longhi Singapore’s dehumidifiers this Singles’ Day at our 11.11 sale!

Nifty Kitchen Appliances for Convenient Heart-Filling Meals

Small yet practical, our kitchen appliances at De’Longhi Singapore are the perfect partners for cooking up a storm without breaking a sweat or wasting too much time. From electric ovens complete with every function you’ll ever need to distinctively designed electric water kettles and bread toaster ovens that produce perfect golden-brown toasts, there’s no shortage of options you can choose from. The best part? Our 11.11 sale during Singles’ Day this year means you can save on all your purchases when adding a touch of finesse to your very own home kitchen.

Shop De’Longhi Singapore’s kitchen appliances this Singles’ Day at our 11.11 sale!

Too Many Options to Pick From this 11.11 Sale? Let Our Experts at De’Longhi Singapore Help! 

While the 11.11 sale is the perfect time to let loose, we understand that some of you may have budgets to stick to. If you find yourself having to pick between numerous choices but can’t decide which you should go for, refrain from stressing out and simply let our experts help! Our in-house live coffee experts at De’Longhi Singapore are always ready to give curated advice on everything coffee-related and more. Furthermore, there’s no need for exclusive deals or promotions in this regard — these 1-on-1 consultation sessions are completely free, so don’t hesitate to arrange one for yourself if it helps you with your purchase decisions for this 11.11 sale. Happy shopping!


Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi Singapore’s 11.11 Sale

Are there deals and promotions on all products during De’Longhi Singapore’s 11.11 sale?

The De'Longhi Singapore 11.11 sale has a little something for everyone this Singles’ Day! You can find deals on coffee essentials, kitchen necessities and even dehumidifiers to keep your home at its best. To check what items are on sale at promotional prices and what deals we have curated this November, browse our eShop to find out item-specific figures as you shop our 11.11 sale at De’Longhi Singapore. 

Are the coffee machines from De’Longhi Singapore’s 11.11 sale suitable for beginners?

Although not all our coffee machines are beginner-friendly, our wide range of different appliances for sale at De’Longhi Singapore means that you’ll surely find something suitable for your skill level. Beginners looking to purchase a coffee machine this Singles’ Day can look at our Coffee Home Trial programme, while more seasoned connoisseurs can instead check out our Coffee Privilege programme during the 11.11 sale.

Are there returns or refunds available for products discounted during De’Longhi’s 11.11 sale?

All appliances from De’Longhi Singapore — whether bought on discount during the 11.11 sale or otherwise — come with a one-year local warranty for both labour and parts, the only exceptions being selected coffee machines offered under our coffee privilege programme that come with two years of local warranty instead of just one. 

Find out more about our warranty policies. There are no refunds available at De’Longhi Singapore.