Beat the Damp with De’Longhi’s Dehumidifier Air Purifiers

De’Longhi’s dehumidifier air purifiers are built with sophisticated technology that helps eliminate excess humidity and maintain constant levels of comfort at all times wherever they are placed. Both asthma- and allergy-friendly certified, our home dehumidifiers come with double filtration capabilities with regards to anti-dust and anti-allergy filters. The best part of our home dehumidifiers not only do they prevent mould formation or the lingering of unpleasant odours, but they also do it with low noise emissions and ultimate energy efficiency. 

Shop De’Longhi dehumidifiers today and breathe easy no matter where you’re at. 

Buy the Best Dehumidifier in Malaysia

De’Longhi dehumidifiers are known to be some of the best in Malaysia’s market beyond. The state-of-the-art technology used in our home dehumidifiers guarantees multiple benefits and effectiveness in varying conditions and environments. Our dehumidifiers can be connected to a continuous drainage pipe for maximum efficiency. All our dehumidifiers work reliably to dehumidify moisture from your indoor environment, however, this is also dependent on the model that you purchase. For instance, the Tasciugo AriaDry Multi Dehumidifier has the capacity to dehumidify up to 16 litres of excess moisture per day, whereas the Tasciugo AriaDry Pure 2-in-1 Dehumidifier can dehumidify up to 20 litres.

Benefits of Owning a De’Longhi Dehumidifier

Still unsure about buying a De’Longhi home dehumidifier air purifier? Here are some benefits that might change your mind:

Prevent Mould and Mildew

It is not uncommon for mould and mildew to form in Malaysian homes as a result of the humidity that’s innate to our climate. Not only do they grow on your walls, but mould and mildew can also populate clothes, furniture, and other areas of your home.

De’Longhi dehumidifiers effectively dry out excess moisture in the air, keeping your home’s humidity levels in check to achieve a safer and healthier living environment.

Keep Allergies at Bay

Did you know that the number of allergens in your home is directly related to the humidity of your living space? As such, many experts recommend using a dehumidifier together with an air purifier to reduce and even eliminate the number of indoor air pollutants and allergens in your home.

Our dehumidifiers double up as air purifiers and are also certified asthma-and allergy-friendly to reduce your exposure to allergens while optimising your home’s humidity levels.

Faster Drying of Laundry

Humid environments make the laundry dry extremely slowly when they’re placed indoors — which often can be the case during monsoon and rainy seasons in Malaysia. Investing in a powerful and effective De’Longhi home dehumidifier can increase the drying speed of your laundry.

Helps Food Stay Fresh for Longer

Mould spores don’t just ruin furniture and the like, they can also get into food and cause harmful contamination. De’Longhi home dehumidifiers prevent this from happening, ensuring that your food and produce stay fresh for longer.

Save on Electricity Bills

Lastly, De’Longhi home dehumidifiers can also help you save on your electricity bills. As wet air feels warmer than dry air, you may find yourself turning up the air-conditioner often to achieve a cooler air temperature when your home feels humid.

Our dehumidifier air purifiers can reduce the load on your air conditioner, and lower the need to turn it on. In turn, this helps to save on your utility bills.

Shop De’Longhi for Home Dehumidifiers and More

While De’Longhi’s range of home dehumidifiers are certainly an impressive manifestation of modern technology, our coffee machines, and kitchen appliances are designed to be just as amazing — if not more so. 

Shop De’Longhi’s curated selection of coffee essentials and kitchen appliances to complement your dehumidifier air purifier and turn your home into the perfect living space.

Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi Malaysia’s Dehumidifier Air Purifiers

Do De’Longhi home dehumidifiers come with a drainage pipe or is that sold separately?

All our home dehumidifier air purifiers come with a drainage pipe in the box such that you won’t have to make an additional purchase to obtain it. 

Do De’Longhi dehumidifier air purifiers come with a local warranty?

Yes, our De’Longhi home dehumidifiers come with 12 months of local warranty, which includes parts and labour. So, upon receiving your purchase, do remember to register your new product warranty here. Find out more about the terms and conditions of De’Longhi’s warranty policy. 

Can I only buy De’Longhi home dehumidifiers online? 

While our eShop does make for convenient purchases, you can also shop De’Longhi dehumidifier air purifiers at our partnering departmental stores and retailers. Visit our store locator to find a De’Longhi distributor near you today.