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Of all the office pantry appliances, the coffee machine is often the most well-loved. It’s a well-known fact coffee is the #1 most consumed beverage in Malaysia offices, and there’s a reason for that: coffee and productivity go hand in hand.

When you provide the highest quality coffee in your office (made with your very own bean to cup coffee machine), you can expect to get the same quality of work from your staff. So, put the sachets away and get your very own commercial coffee machine from De’Longhi via rent or purchase. 

Furthermore, from kitchen hardware to a rainbow of pantry appliances, De’Longhi offers you the best solutions and means to provide for all your office pantry needs.


With so many ways to go from bean to cup, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of choices. De’Longhi has a wide range of coffee machines for purchase or rent that’ll get you that perfect sip.

Every professional in the office deserves a professional-tasting cup of coffee. And what better way to get it fresh than to make it yourself. With an intuitive design philosophy behind every coffee machine, De’Longhi empowers everyone in all offices in Malaysia with access to great coffee, without the barista or the bills.   





Make your staff feel at home with a comfortable space to destress


Stock up your pantry with gear that your staff can enjoy when they’re resting up


Leave an unforgettable first impression for your visitors


Keep your staff focused with appliances designed to maximise productivity




You can rent a De’Longhi commercial coffee machine for all your work-related events in Malaysia. Whether it’s a company gala or a casual office brunch with shareholders, a hearty brew of coffee is bound to heat up any occasion.




Turn caffeine buzz into real business

Nothing hits the spot like a freshly brewed cup of coffee to stave off that afternoon slump

Keep those ideas percolating

Crank up the creativity with a delicious cup and supercharge your brainstorming sessions

The perfect conversation starter

Start off your meetings the right way - with a hot cup of joe to get the conversations flowing

Reward hard work with quality coffee

Show your staff appreciation with unbridled access to a great cup every day

Keep your staff healthy

Coffee helps improve metabolic activity, which means your staff can burn fat even if they’re on their desks all day

Great coffee for all

Having great espresso has never been easier with our range of simple-to-use coffee machines




There are a million reasons to get a coffee machine for your office in Malaysia. Whether you need a way to kickstart the morning or a design centrepiece to impress the clients, there’s no doubt a commercial coffee machine is a great way to bring energy to any office space.

But if you’re still lukewarm about purchasing or renting your very own coffee machine, ask our De’Longhi experts for the best ways you can liven up any office space. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.




Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi Malaysia’s Coffee Machine for Offices

Which coffee machine should I get for my Malaysia office if I want the perfect cup?

For a coffee enthusiast, we recommend a pump espresso coffee machine for your office in Malaysia, that is sure to give you high-quality espresso with every pull.


Which coffee machine should I purchase or rent for my Malaysia office if I want quick coffee?

If you're looking for a luxurious cup of coffee with no fuss, renting or buying a fully automatic coffee machine is the perfect choice for your Malaysia office – no need for a barista nor prolonged preparation times.


Is there a commercial coffee machine I can rent that can make me coffee while I’m doing other tasks?

Drip coffee makers are just set-and-forget. Just put the coffee and water in the pot and it will do the rest. You can also adjust the time accordingly such that it is ready when you need a drink.