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Buy Coffee Machines Perfect for Any Space

A living space is a personal choice. We understand that no two homeowners are one and the same. That’s why De’Longhi puts power back in the hands of great design through our coffee machines for rent and purchase and our line-up of other kitchen appliances, with endless customisable choices behind each and every product.

We believe that anyone can be in their element so long as their space is in perfect harmony with their tastes. This is why we offer multiple variations of each coffee maker for rent, basing our designs on the concept of various different persona. Through fashion and functionality, we carry on with the goal that each homeowner will be able to step into the space of their dreams.


Celebrating the birthplace of the indulgent espresso, each De’Longhi design pays homage to Italy and its innovations in coffee machines. With high quality materials and world-class design standards, you can expect each De’Longhi coffee maker for purchase to carry on Italy’s history of durability and esoteric tastefulness.


The perfect encapsulation of De’Longhi’s ‘fashion meets function’ philosophy is its broad range of coffee makers for sale. Not only is each coffee machine designed for easy use, its iconic silhouette makes each a perfect centrepiece for any room it occupies. Each machine is beloved by coffee enthusiasts across the globe for its ability to deliver high-quality coffee that rivals any professional café.

With De’Longhi’s coffee makers, anyone can serve up delicious coffee on any occasion without the long-term commitment of maintaining a coffee machine. The best part? With our wide selection of coffee appliances to choose from, each as sophisticated and stylish as the last, there is no limit to how you choose to get delicious coffee into your humble abode!



Enjoy uninterrupted sleep with a space specifically designed for optimum rest


Cook up a storm with delicious meals prepared with professional-grade equipment


Complete your chores effortlessly with appliances built to make life easier


Unwind after a long day with the ultimate space to relax


Set the tone for your guests with a lobby that will make them envious


Step into ultimate luxury with an outdoor lobby that radiates elegance


Get more done with an exclusive space designed for maximum productivity



Timeless designs

Exceptional designs based on classics that look great no matter the era

Adjustable to your tastes

Coming in multiple colours and variations ensures that each appliance will meet your individual standard

Built to last

Have peace of mind knowing the materials we use and the assembly process are of the highest quality

Professional results at home

Do it just like the professionals with at-home results that meet even industry standards

Putting the fun in functional

Designed with the everyday person in mind, De’Longhi is intuitive and easy to use

A designer’s favourite choice

With bold design choices, each appliance is renowned for its ability to stand out without overwhelming the senses.

De’Longhi Malaysia is celebrated worldwide for our innovative designs and attention to detail. Whether you’re a lover of design or a veteran of the arts, you’ll definitely find something to appreciate in each and every De’Longhi appliance and machine.  

If you’d like a second opinion on re-imagining your living space, send us your details to qualify for a free consultation with our design experts. Our partner programme ensures that we will find the right match according to your needs. Otherwise, simply complete your interior design project with a De’Longhi coffee maker and elevate the overall ambiance of any space immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions About De’Longhi Malaysia’s Coffee Machines

What kinds of coffee machines can I buy from De’Longhi?

We have a wide range of coffee makers available for purchase in Malaysia. Take your pick from:

Check out our coffee bean grinders and coffee machine accessories that perfectly complement our coffee makers too.


Where can I find more information about De’Longhi coffee makers for sale?

Our online shop provides clear descriptions and features for each of our coffee makers for rent to help you correctly decide which product is best for your needs. You can also check out our commonly asked questions for further information if needed.


What if I received a wrong order for my coffee machine or my order is damaged?

We apologise for the inconvenience. Let the carrier know this immediately before he leaves your premises and we will arrange to deliver another coffee maker to you.

If you want to claim a wrong or damaged order after acknowledging the receipt, please email us at with your order number, detailed description and accompanying photographs within 7 days of delivery. We will arrange for remediation as quickly as possible.